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Robber Knights:: Robber knights player aid By: thepackrat
robber-knights-small.pdf (1.45 MB)
This player aid has reminders on terrain costs, vps for the different buildings and a display of all the tiles available in each age of the game for planning.
Jul 21, 2012


Robber Knights:: Dutch Rules in pdf. By: poppentje
Raubritternl.pdf (1.02 MB)
Spelregels van Raub ritter in het Nederlands.
Feb 23, 2012


Robber Knights:: Rules in Hungarian By: pityka
Raubritter_hun.pdf (1.53 MB)
Robber Knights game rules in Hungarian / Játékszabály magyarul (pdf)
Oct 11, 2011


Robber Knights:: Robber Knights.pdf By: Kiko_Senda
Robber Knights.pdf (89 KB)
Resumen de reglas en español / Spanish rules summary
Aug 23, 2006


Robber Knights:: Raub Ritter aid.doc By: Fledermaushaus
Raub Ritter aid.doc (39 KB)
Player aid: Table showing tile distribution (Word doc.)
Apr 20, 2006


Robber Knights:: RaubRitterRules.doc By: Steve Cox
RaubRitterRules.doc (38 KB)
English translation of German rules - rev1a
Oct 29, 2005


Robber Knights:: RaubRitterRules.doc By: Steve Cox
RaubRitterRules.doc (38 KB)
English translation of German rules
Oct 28, 2005


Robber Knights:: Raub Ritter.doc By: wlam
Raub Ritter.doc (28 KB)
Règles en français
Oct 20, 2005

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