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Author: TamiWhitsett
Back in the ballroom following breakfast, I came upon a game of MacRobber just getting started. Mik, Bob, Thor, and Steffan were gracious enough to allow me to join in. In this game, you are pulling random cubes from a bag, to purchase certain commodities. The actual cubes pulled determine which commodities you are eligible to purchase. Somehow, I got lucky, and was able to pull cattle from the bag on all but one or two turns. Since there are only 10 cattle in the game, and we each started with one, that was pretty amazing. Having certain types of cubes on your game board had various effects on the game… one type of cube determined your hand size (cards were used for fighting), one type of cube gave victory points, one type of cube gave bonuses during combat. Having a lot of cattle proved to give me the best advantage, because I was an early leader, and after a round or so, nobody was even able to catch me. For that reason, I rated this game just a 6, as did Bob. Mik gave it a 5, Thor gave it a 3 or 4, and Steffan declined to rate it. I’d play this again, just to give it a fair chance, but I suspect it wouldn’t come out very often.
Sun May 1, 2005 9:30 pm