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User Profile for 1nf1n1ty
United States
Los Osos
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This overtext is far more interesting than I am.
One die to rule them all.
What brought you to visit my profile?
I thumbed one of your posts
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You liked one of my posts
You hated one of my posts
You wanted to see if I was more interesting than my overtext
You saw one of my contributions and wanted to know more
You saw one of my contest entries and wanted to know more (photo, pimp, etc.)
You saw information about Polycon and thought "I really want to go there!"
      860 answers
Poll created by 1nf1n1ty

So, a little about me...

I started gaming around 1980 with my brother when I was 9. He was desperate to have more D&D players for his campaign and I happily obliged. I was terrible. I remember making terribly bad decisions like trying to take a donkey with cart into dungeons and attacking creatures I should have fled from. It was a learning process for me, and an exercise in patience for my brother.

In junior high I met up with the usual band of gaming misfits. We hooked up with a group of college gamers at the local hobby shop once a week to play various role-playing games. I attended Polycons 2-6 locally as a teen. Through those years, I primarily played the usual mix of RPGs including D&D, Star Frontiers, Gamma World, and Hero. We moved on to MERP (with Rolemaster) for almost a year as well.

During that timeframe, a couple of board games hit my table including Lost Worlds and Talisman. I also was a fervent chess player for about a decade.

Time and interests took me out of the gaming scene for several years until I met my wife. We played various games with friends like hearts, cribbage, parchesi and backgammon. One day she made the mistake of buying me a Portal pack of Magic from Target. Enter doomed theme music.

Over the next couple of years, I acquired thousands of cards, played local tourneys, travelled hundreds of miles for prerelease tourneys and reentered the gaming scene including returning to Polycon as an attendee at Polycon 21. Eventually, I grew tired of Type 2 Magic play, having to keep up with all of the cards, sets, and endless errata.

About that time, a friend of mine introduced me to the miniatures game Mage Knight. Enter more themed music. Over the next couple of years (sound familiar?) I bought thousands of figures, played in local tournaments and even went to Origins for the World championship. Then came 2.0. Totally killed the game for me.

Then one fateful Polycon event, I played Settlers of Catan. Enter themed music. I was immediately taken with the game. It was very refreshing to play something that didn't require buying endless expansions and changing rules and collectible madness. The gateway quickly opened the floodgates. Now I have about 500 board games, a pimped out game room and a great group of gaming friends.

As a game group organizer, I am a staff advisor for the Polycon club on Cal Poly campus. We have been having gaming conventions locally in San Luis Obispo for the past 30 years (for more information visit: Our maincon event usually draws around 300 people and is run by an extensive, dedicated group of students, alumni and other volunteers. It is a very fun event and differs from a lot of cons in that we are non-profit.

Feel free to visit my subscription list of my pimp and paint efforts:
1nf1n1ty's paint and custom creations subscription list

I help organize the BGG PolyCon guild: PolyCon

I also help organize the Strategicon guild: Strategicon

I am managing a new list of group nominations for GOTW. I originally started it so I could keep track and offer options, but it has grown. If you see someone who should be added, please add them!
BGG GOTW candidates

My Folding Stats

Join the Team GeekDō folding effort!
More details in this thread : Team Geekdō Needs Your Help!

GG Honors:

Lovespreader of the week
mb 6/5/11

Arcade Dictator of the week
mb 6/5/11

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mb 7/17/11

RPG Geek of the Week
mb 9/25/11

Chit Chatter of the Day
mb 11/11/11

BGG Geek of the Week
mb 5/19/13

4th monthly pimp my boardgame contest, December 2010:

6th monthly pimp my boardgame contest, January 2011:

7th monthly pimp my boardgame contest, March 2011:

April 2011 Monthly Photo Contest, Second Place

8th monthly pimp my boardgame contest, April 2011:

9th monthly pimp my boardgame contest, May 2011: 3rd place

13th monthly pimp my boardgame contest, October 2011: 3rd place

With the above award, I became the first Kluntje King of the Pimp your boardgame contest.
+++ KLUNTJE KINGS +++ best boardgame pimpers

20th monthly pimp my boardgame contest, April 2012: 3rd place

22nd monthly pimp my boardgame contest, June 2012: 2nd place

48th monthly pimp my boardgame contest, August 2014: 2nd place

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mb mb

Some of my games:

Flags since: 1/11/11

Special thanks to my wife who puts up with my obsession!
A Blu
United States
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Registration Date: 2005-01-20
Last Profile Update: 2014-12-17
Last Login: 2016-04-30
Country: flag United States
State: California
Town/City: Los Osos
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