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User Profile for Abreu
Bruno Abreu
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MAISON ABREU: Lair of Abreu, you know, that guy below. Do not mistake this for other Maisons or Houses or even Abreus.
I do look good on this chair, dont I?
Hello all

I think its time for a profile update.

I was an only child raised by my grandparents. Most of the time I would rather be reading or playing alone then have company, thats where my love for games comes from. There I would be a King, a Warrior, a Sage, whatever my imagination wanted me to be. Besides the love for games another passion emerged, Military History.
I recall when someone give me as gift a box of Japanese World War 2 soldiers from Airfix I think (scale 1/72 what I dont think is an apropriate gift for a 6 years old, but thats not the point now). That and the british documentary "The World at War" where the source of that passion. And obviously of my wargaming taste.

Fortunately I was able, thanks to my mother, to go and study History in the University. My History degree was the second best thing I got from those 4 years. The first was meeting my wife.

Eventually I ended up working on graphic production (printing, laminating, vinyl cutting, the works...) on a company that works for museums, mainly producing materials for exhibitions. And as time passed the company become bigger including a carpentry and graphic design sections.
I find it close enough to History for me, I am actually more involved in exhibits then most my former colleges that actually work in museums. While they might make 4 or 5 exhibits a year, here we can do that in a month. Besides a man has to work right... Its like I always say "Why am I good looking? I would rather be rich."
Because one of my work-toys is a UV-ink direct printer (it can print directly on PVC, and any other material) I printed some of my games.
Although I am a clumsy guy, has I say "I have 2 left hands, but I disguise it thanks to experience", PnP Wargames become a good part of my collection.

And that leads me to the start of my BGG existence, or my internet existence for that matter.
I entered the site in search of a board game, of which I had the Expansion that I lost. The game was ALIENS. And after I found it, and got the files to print it, I stayed ever since.
I dont use Twiter, or MSN, I dont have a Facebook account (and I am proud of it) and I dont play online, until recently (I started playing... what else... yes, Star Trek Online). Oposed to that I found that BGG completes all the internet socialization I need.
Googling and researching for things to post or reply, spending some time in the Chat (yes BGG has a chat, in fact theres a chat for VGG and RPG as well, if you are curious drop on by we dont bite), adding games, getting games and recomendations for games, with all that this site as become my Facebook. And with better games and fails.
The adding of VGG was a blessing for me. When I though this site couldnt get any better, it just did.
And if my contributes, mainly on Chit Chat, where noticeable, my VGG entries where even more. I was one of the first Dictators of the Week, and the Arcade as become my regular corner now. Much more then Chit Chat or even the chat room. Not surprising because I have more video games then board games. Besides after only one year there I got more posts in there then all other years on BGG.

And thats my profile, it ends up being more of a bio, but thats an historian defect. I like telling stories, and whats worse, they are all real.

One final note this was one of my trade marks as Dictator of the Week, and I think it applies here to us all, users, gamers, admins, and everybody else.

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