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User Profile for greatredwarrior
Larz Welo
United States
Las Cruces
New Mexico
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I love People!
I love Wargames!
Back in the USA for 2016. Health and family issues keep me rolling around like a duck.

Never FedEx anything to Indonesia! People have to pay as much for the package as the shipper just did. And keep the customs forms to less than $50

I am a big fan of war games. Here I Stand is an amazingly fun game, and my current top game. Other CDG wargames are also very high on my list. The only drawback of wargames is that often they are very long, and require a dedicated opponent for at least a moderate block of time.

Top 10 are my unplayed games that I most want to get to the table. The order is not important.

Hot 10 are the games that I played most last year.

Want to Play is only games that I currently have immediate access to and can play...right now. Owned are games either currently loaned out, or in storage.

Wishlist is structured from most wanted, to least. The Category 5 games are games that I just don't have enough data on to make a decision, often because they are unreleased, or were when I first tagged them.

Want to Buy are PnP games that I'd like to construct but haven't yet.

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Registration Date: 2006-04-06
Last Profile Update: 2016-02-14
Last Login: 2016-02-14
Country: flag United States
State: New Mexico
Town/City: Las Cruces
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Steam Account: lwelo
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