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___Shetland pony___ ___extra pepperoni___
United Kingdom
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Spent many years at the DM's table - pre 3rd ed, obviously. With breaks for every console and incarnation of PC gaming in the past 30 years. Started where we all started, HQuest, Colditz, Talisman, Block mania etc etc.
Then there was women, drinking, and probably a 1000 gigs in between. If you can think of a UK Metal gig post 1984, I was probably there.

But now getting older and life dictates that board-gaming and mini's painting is more of a realistic pursuit. Always looking to recapture those awesome stand out role play moments, just through the medium of cardboard now instead!
I'm still Gigging, but have left video gaming behind me now, its all been done before and I am not fussed for an extra short prettier version of anything.
Unless you want to get swore at, and beaten by a 10 year old fat yank kid via some over priced, cheaply made headset at 2am, then there is no appeal left in the whole pastime.
I do still own everything that will run either Baldurs or original X-Com though. You know, just in case.

I would really love to see Games Workshop removed from the face of the earth in my lifetime. They were originally a forward thinking diverse hobby shop with real promise. What they became was very very different.
Every shop is a stinking man sweat soaked pit of despair. Where adults who never wash, and live with their mothers, get totally robbed of their huge disposable incomes as they will never have a mortgage or kids to spend it on.
This is the high street, public face of what non-gamers think we are all about. Depressing.

Anyway, back to proper gaming.
I, at some point, came to the conclusion that if during a tabletop gaming session, someone doesn't feel the need to express something along the lines of; "Ha - Have some of that." then its definitely lacking something.
Tactical minis board games and classic Ameritrash seem to fit the bill perfectly, so they make up the bulk of my gaming stash. I am branching out a little again now as my children are playing more games, but the spine of my collection is still dice and mini, as all collections should be.
Fun, beer, laughs, lots of theme, move, collect loot, smack things. What else could a game ever need?
Dungeon Crawlers are mandatory in this house. Most other game types I have bought over the years seem to have eventually been ignored/relegated to the garage/sold/traded or binned from my collection.
During my board gaming odyssey, I have wasted too much hard earned cash on wooden cube nonsense, bolted on 'themes', and dull card games. With no real exceptions....yet.
edit: Some of the latest card and counter games seem a little interesting, and a few play well with my children. Damn it!

Obviously True Euros do still, and always will, lick donkey balls:
Making dopes feel clever for 30 years!
"Anyone fancy laying some bits of skirting board off-cut on a 1760's canal system of Amsterdam tonight"?
"Oooo, yes please, and bring your maths loving friend, to tell us the odds as we go, for optimal strategising".
"I will try to convince my partner to come along, she kind of said she doesn't mind carcassonne a bit, if there's no one else, and I buy her a take away and a bottle of Pinot first". Ha Ha Ha.
Carcassonne, theres a classic. "help other players place their pieces and the one with the most victory points wins" Made to play with uninterested spouses, much!!

I do get to play my type of games with the family however, removing the friendly full on maximum abuse/banter. With more of your, "we're all gonna die maan"! to make the wee ones laugh. Its very rewarding to see your small offspring smiling laughing and enjoying your hobby. So win win. Even the missus has accidentally enjoyed playing occasionally too, though she would never admit it, unless she wins of course, then its a tale for all eternity! Hot Tip, Never force your obsession onto the missus. She is just humouring you, so everything you play is much less fun. I very occasionally offer for her to join in, and expect the 'no ta'. We are both comfortable with that.

My previously owned list was beyond monstrous and depressing, so I deleted it. I have seen the light and majorly trimmed. I have sold/binned the unplayed, unplayable, unloved and dust gathering in my collection.
This means I play the games I really like lots more, and to make things easier for me to manage, space and money wise (still 40 or so to cull I think). The purge is on! Also much more cautious with purchases now, philosophy being: If I own it and love it, probably gonna expand it. And if its new title and looks cool, research research research. This is why most of my ratings look high, its because most of the other stuff has gone.

I am always up for a trade, but the amount of times you get totally ignored or told their list is not up to date, gets right on your tits. I have managed 2 trades in just over a decade. I must have tried for 100's. The UK is officially a trade waste land. Unless you are entering a convoluted math trade and getting rid of something that came out last week, most aren't bothered.

Also check out my painted minis for some of my games while you are here. I am not the best painter, or any kind of photography perfectionist But enjoy doing both. So here is the link to my gallery:

Best tip for navigating the geek:- never ever dare to say anything negative about anything in a forum post.
Never say you didnt like a game unless you have played it 200 times with 50 different groups.
Also never say a game company is ripping gamers off over something, we all owe them our money, and unerring loyalty.
I have been here nearly 13 yrs and apart from a handful of times when I couldn't resist baiting a muppet or ten, I think I have just about got away with it!
People on here will take the moral high ground like some kind of blinkered board game paladin, at the drop of a die. Defending any old crap, tell you, that you are a hater and everything cardboard is wonderful and the gaming universes' shit never stinks.
Most need a reality check once in a while. Take a look in the mirror, we are adults playing with toys. Lighten up.

I mentioned in a post that I had played a rule about opening a door differently to the written rules, which created a lot of laughs at the table. I was pounced upon, and told now I had been corrected I would obviously be playing it properly. No, I said, I would do it exactly the same. Some yank then proceeds to tell me that me and my gaming friends are therefore, total ass hats (whatever that is). See what I mean...

The most annoying posts? You know the ones; Stupid Question Guy.
"Should I buy this?". "Do you think I would like this?"
Ask total strangers how to spend your own money?!
What, you mean would you like that game with:-
15 written reviews,
8 video reviews,
4 unboxing videos,
and a 16 episode playthru?
Tell you what, just buy what Vasel tells you to. sheep

The best one I ever read was a guy who wanted to know if he should buy Mansions of Madness, but he hated horror and cthulhu, and was offended by pagan and demonic iconography and monsters in general.
Total bell-end!
But the ones that humoured him and went on to seriously post how he could maybe get round these things while playing, really took the biscuit. Go find it, its pure comedy!

Oh and by the way. You are NOT a game designer, and saying you are with a badge doesn't make you cool, or stand out, in a miniscule corner of the interweb full of niche hobby nerds.

May the dice god be with you.

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