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User Profile for jgoyes
Juan Carlos Goyes
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It’s true hard work never killed anyone, but I figure, why take the chance? - Ronald Reagan
About me:

BGG member since early 2010.

I’ve been a gamer all my life. When I was very young, I began playing videogames and console games, then I continued with card games (MTG) and now (since late 2009 when I played Dominion) I´M IN LOVE with boardgames. I love boardgames so much that I try to play at least three times a week face to face and I play daily over the internet .

About my gaming preferences:

1. I will play anything twice.
2. I prefer heavy complex games with lots of hard decisions.
3. I love games with hidden depth and a high playtime as long as the downtime is short.
4. I love highly thematic games. I changed, now I love Euro games.
5. If the game is long and heavy, I strongly believe it should have limited, minimal or controlled luck. In general I dislike high luck games but there are exceptions.
6. My favorite number of players is 2 followed by 4. I (almost) never play solo games, if I want to play a solo game I play a videogame.
7. Although I prefer to play heavy games, I also love to play party games and/or light games with my non gamer friends. Those are so fun and they serve my goal to infect as many people as I can with the boardgame virus devil.
8. My favorite game mechanism is Hidden Roles.
9. I hate to be a beta tester or to test raw designs, I always prefer to play the finished product.
10. I love expansions and more often than not I buy them for my games, however I always want to play the base game without the expansion at least a couple of times.

Some of my Geeklists.

Jgoyes´ Top 100 Games of All Time (2015 Edition)
Jgoyes` Top Ten Games Metalist by Year.
My Unplayed Games.
Too many games. How to decide which game to play next.
The KEEPERS. Games I will never sell

About my game collection:

Last year (2015), I realized I’m not playing my favorite games as much as I wanted to. The reason is that a fair margin of games from my game collection are ok games, games I enjoy playing from time to time but I don’t love them (rated around 6.0), the epiphany I had was that in order to play the good and best games, I need to get rid of the ok and below games so I began selling my borderline games. I still don’t sell an unplayed game (unless it is an expansion of a game I didn’t like). This will allow me to focus more time in playing my favorite games. I’m NOT a game collector, I don’t want to have piles of unplayed games, I want to play and enjoy every game in my game collection.

I also realize now, that I’m out of control when I buy games. There are months in which I buy as much as 30 games and playing them is very hard due to time constraints. I’m trying to limit this behavior, but so far I have been unsuccessful. So, on 2016, I’m beginning to do a little research before buying the game, I’m trying to not buy as blind as I was doing before.

The goal of these two resolutions is to protect my gaming time and to allow me to play the best games for me. It isn’t about money or space (although I should get benefits in both counts) but about protecting the most valuable resource, the limited playing time.

Comments and ratings.

I always log my plays and comment on them. My goal is to comment every game I have ever played. Also I never delete my comments, instead I make continuous updates as my gaming tastes change over time.

I rate every game I have played with few exceptions. If I have not rated a game is because I don’t feel I could give it a fair rating. For example I once played Forbidden Island and it was very late so I fell asleep, thus I have not rated it yet.

I do follow the BGG rating guide and I rate only in 0.5 increments.

I'm always re-evaluating games, trying to decide if a rating should change. But even so, I'm very reluctant to move games down from the highest ratings or, for that matter, up to the highest ratings. As a result, when I do move a game down or up, it represent a dramatic fall or rise, even though my rating might only have changed by one point.

When I see a good game, I rate it a 7+ (again per BGG´s recommended rating system) so a 7 is not a mediocre rating from me as some BGG users seems to think, in fact, almost no game reaches a 7 rating from me.

Some fellow geeks have asked me about the repeated comments and ratings I have for some of the games. I’m getting this question a lot lately so I’m answering it here as well.

I track all the information of every boardgame I have ever bought, so If I bought two copies of Dixit I have two separate entries for them. I initially only rated and commented one entry but when I did that the stats “Played and Unrated” and “Played and Uncommented” were useless to me because they show the wrong information and I use them fairly often. I wish BGG didn’t manage that part of the information that way, but it does. To fix it I began rating and commenting on every entry and I did that for years now. I didn’t realize that I bothered some geeks with my behavior but I did know that this way of doing things didn’t affect the ratings. My current wish is to fix it as soon as possible, but still, changing the comments of hundreds of games is a massive endeavor. I will do it slowly but my goal is to have one rating and one comment per game on my profile. If I bothered you with this problem, I’m sorry and I’m working to fix it.

If I added you as a geekbuddy:

1. I like to read your comments and ratings when I analyze a game.
2. You live in my city or otherwise I have access to your game collection thumbsup.
3. I want to subscribe to your posts.

The gaming scene here in Bogotá, Colombia:

Where I live, there are few gamers who know and like boardgames so I try to play with as many people as I can. In fact (with a friend) I created a Facebook group to promote the hobby.

I´m also administrating a Meetup group.

My goal is to spread this wonderful hobby to as many people as I can. So if you are in Bogota I would love to play with you!! Send me a message so we can arrange time and place!!

Recently played Games:

My Top Ten:

Games on my Radar for Future Play or Purchase:

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User Details for jgoyes
Registration Date: 2010-03-13
Last Profile Update: 2016-03-29
Last Login: 2016-04-29
Country: flag Colombia
State: Cundinamarca
Town/City: Bogota
GeekMail: mail Send Private Message to jgoyes
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Owned   642
Previously Owned   9
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Commented   5
All   1177
Video Game 20
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Digital Board Game 6
For Sale 0
Rating 137
Video Game Plays 2333 Total | By Month | Last 30 Days | Chronological
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Video Game Ratings 587
Average Rating 7.82
10 132   (22.5%)
9 139   (23.7%)
8 137   (23.3%)
7 85   (14.5%)
6 39   (6.6%)
5 39   (6.6%)
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