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Earil is an Altmer enchanter and owner of Earil's Mysteries in Crucible, New Sheoth. He is obsessed with the consequences of the passage of time and the reality that everyone is going to die at some point that it led him to study ‘Chronomancy’, the magic involved in time manipulation. If he dies his tombstone will read: "He taught us to make the seconds count before we close our eyes."

Earil harbors and intense hatred for Brithaur and asks that something be done about him. If Brithaur is killed Earil will be overjoyed.

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles
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Character Quotes:

"Firm arms. A strong back. Yes. You'd do nicely. It's a shame. Time will ravage you, destroy you. Whither you. But there are... alternatives. Time need not slow you. Tell me, have you ever considered placing yourself on display?" -Earil

"Using magicka, I will slow your heart rate, your breathing, your movement, and your thoughts until they may as well not be functioning at all. You will be perfectly preserved. Taken out of time. Beautiful forever. I will display you with the rest in my collection." -Earil

"That lout? Yes, he's a thorn in my side that never seems to go away! I'd have his heart on a plate if I could! I wish he'd simply disappear from the streets of New Sheoth forever! Oh look, just talking about it has given me another gray hair!" -Earil (on Brithaur)

"For one thing, he's a thief, but what irks me the most is that he's a BAD thief. Between my shop and a few others in Crucible, he's been caught stealing maybe a dozen times last month. Who has time for this sort of thing?" -Earil (on Brithaur)

"If spells and magic are what you seek, head to Earil's Mysteries and take a peek." -Halion

"Of the bumbling thief by the name of Brithaur of this I can only say. The man named Earil who owns a shop wishes he would go away." -Halion

"It's a shame, really. The Gatekeeper was a beautiful specimen. Now he'll just rot and fade like everything else." -Earil

"All this talk of torture has me thinking -- would it be possible to hold someone in time during their most painful moment?" -Earil

"The Greymarch is over, the war has been won, but at what cost? This timeline will never be the same." -Earil

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