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Primary Name
Hirrus Clutumnus
Alternate Names
Helpful NPC
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User Summary

Hirrus Clutumnus is an Imperial commoner living in Crucible, New Sheoth. He is miserable, depressed, and desperately wants to die but is unwilling to commit suicide as doing so would cause him to end up as a ghost on the ‘Hill of Suicides’. He asks to be killed but for it to come when he "doesn’t expect it" and spends most of his time at the top of the stairs leading to Sheogorath’s palace to contemplate death. If he dies his tombstone will read: "Hirrus Clutumnus never felt like he fit in anywhere. He fits in a coffin quite nicely, now."

He has very few possessions and his home is bare with a bloodstained table and makeshift torture items. Chains and shackles hang near his stairs and a Ring of Happiness can be found in a jewelry box. Hirrus claims to have been given the ring by a wizard but it made him feel strange so he stopped wearing it.

Character Versions
Pg. 1
Hirrus Clutumnus
Hirrus Clutumnus
Helpful NPC
Appears in
The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles
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Character Quotes:

"Who wants that kind of existence, to be reborn on a hill every day, reset as if nothing ever happened? That's even worse than the life I'm living. Life I've lived! Yes, yes, yes! I'm sure I'm happy now. The dead me. The me writing this note isn't happy at all. Never have been happy, really." -Hirrus Clutumnus

"A wizard gave it to me once, said I reminded him of his dead son. I guess I resemble his dead son even more now." -Hirrus Clutumnus

"I'm constantly on the verge of retching up, or falling asleep, or screaming at someone who doesn't deserve it. I'm just so fed up with it all." -Hirrus Clutumnus

"If you happen upon a lonely soul who goes by the name of Hirrus, take his word as truth be told, I'm afraid he is deadly serious." -Halion

"I heard about this new person in the Isles. There's one more person who'll come to hate my guts. I hope he kills me." -Hirrus Clutumnus

"Syl's torturing people? To death, I hope? It was me. I did it, whatever it was. Come take me away and kill me. I'm the culprit." -Hirrus Clutumnus

"Thadon is dead. Lucky bastard." -Hirrus Clutumnus

"Sheogorath is gone. Maybe I kidnapped him. That would merit a death sentence!" -Hirrus Clutumnus

"An invading army sweeps the land, there's a giant battle in the palace, and yet I'm still alive. How did I not die during all that? It's not fair." -Hirrus Clutumnus

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