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Hanar are an invertebrate race that resembles a man o' war jellyfish. They are one of the few non-bipedal species and 'stand' slightly taller than a human on their tentacles. Being supported by water on their native planet the hanar cannot support their own weight in normal gravity and rely on contra-gravitic levitation packs that use mass effect fields. Their limbs can grip tightly, but are not strong enough to lift more than a few hundred grams each. Hanar also possess the ability to secrete natural toxins.

Thier homeworld, Kahje, has 90% ocean cover and orbits an energetic white star, resulting in a permanent blanket of clouds. It is not known if hanar are asexual (as some jellyfish species are). Despite evolving in water the hanar breathe air or use technological means to enable this. Hanar are known for their politeness when speaking and their strong religious beliefs regarding the Protheans whom they refer to as "the Enkindlers". Hanar myths often speak of them as an elder race that uplifted and civilized them by teaching them language. The hanar communicate using sophisticated patterns of bioluminescence which other species need machine assistance to translate. Most hanar take offense at improper language, and must take special courses to unlearn this tendency if they expect to deal with other species.

Several hundred years ago, the hanar made contact with the drell on their nearby homeworld of Rakhana. Drell society was quickly collapsing due to overpopulation and warring over scarce resources, so the hanar rescued 370,000 drell and brought them to Kahje, where they integrated into hanar society and the remaining drell died out. Now the drell serve as a client race of the hanar, and although to outside observers the relationship can be construed as a form of slavery, the reality is very different. Most Drell consider it an honor to serve a hanar family in a tradition referred to as the Compact. Many drell become unofficial members of the family, and some even earn the privilege to learn their masters' "soul names".

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- In the French version of the game, the hanar are called "hanari", perhaps due to the pronunciation of their name (pronunced "anar" in French, which is slang for "anarchist").

- On the Citadel the games merchant mentions asari-hanar porn games being sold in Shin Akiba; a reference towards the erotic game ('eroge) genre of PC Games and Akihabara (Akiba), as well as "tentacle porn".

- On Illium, there is an advertisement for a movie featuring Blasto, a hanar Spectre. It is apparently about a Dirty Harry-like hanar Spectre who has "a lover in every port, and a gun in every tentacle." Blasto, near the end of the trailer, says "Enkindle this" followed by a gunshot, a humorous reference to their religion. There is also a reference to the Dirty Harry.

- Sold on Omega at a store run by a batarian is a pornographic magazine called Fornax. The cover depicts a hanar in a supposedly suggestive pose sitting in a chair.

- According to the Citadel DLC, the hanar were appetizers during Javik's cycle. They were either boiled or fried.

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