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Video Game
The Incredible Machine 2
North American DOS edition
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Box Description:

An act of creation which is equal parts art and invention

You've been at it for hours, you know the soccer ball and hot air balloon are in the right places--but that darned toast still won't pop up! Welcome to the addicting world of The Incredible Machine 2, the turbo-charged sequel to The Incredible Machine. Inspired by Rube Goldberg, it's a world where pinwheels and dynamite, fish and pulleys, even gravity and air density, can be manipulated to solve fiendishly fun puzzles. Go ahead, warm up your computer, limber up your brain--and prepare to be wowed, stumped and elated all at the same time.

-Work your way through 150 all new puzzles.

-Put your creative genius to work in Professor Tim's Workshop: create your own puzzles from over 100 animated parts.

-Go one-on-one with your buddies with our new brain-to-brain feature.

-Professor Tim is always available for a quick hint when things seem impossible.

-CD-ROM version features talking Professor Tim and fully orchestrated music.

-It's easy to get started and easy to use--so quit reading the package, take this home, and get started.

-Solve a puzzle by reading the goal: Make toast pop up. Next rummage through over 100 animated parts. Pull out the ones you want to build a solution. Several zillion combinations are possible, but you need one that works!

-Now crank up your machine and hang on! See if your construction strategy solves the puzzle. If so, your brain will dance with joy. If not, ask Professor Tim to step in and save the day.

-And when you really get cooking, challenge your buddy in two player mode. Race against the clock to see who can solve the puzzle first.

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