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Video Game
The Ardennes Offensive
NA Win95 edition
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From the game manual:

THE ARDENNES OFFENSIVE is the first in a new generation of World War II operational level games from Strategic Studies Group. It is a simulation of the last great German offensive in the west, popularly known as the Ardennes Offensive or the Battle of the Bulge. The Offensive, which commenced in December 1944, achieved some early success against the surprised American forces and a limited breakthrough by German panzer elements reached Dinant on the Meuse River - albeit temporarily. Without adequate air cover or supply, and against a battle hardened and resolute opponent, the plan was fore-doomed to failure but some 100,000 Americans, and an even greater number of Germans, would fall before the last blitzkrieg was stopped and the inexorable Allied drive to Berlin resumed.

The game's scenarios cover the most exciting aspects of the battle, including a campaign game which allows you to refight the entire conflict. A tutorial scenario covering the initial German drive to Bastogne takes you through the game mechanics.

User Addendum:

Although listed as Win95, this game is compatible with Win98 and XP, according to the SSG US website. The game is also available as a free download at that site: (click on 'Downloads')

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