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Video Game
Carriers at War (1991)
IBM PC DOS edition
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3.5" Disk
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User Summary:

This 1991 version of Carriers at War is upgraded to take advantage of hardware advances of the time, and particularly enhances the graphic aspects of the game.

As in the original game from 1984, Carriers at War places the player in the role of commander of operational-level naval air and sea forces in the South Pacific during World War II.

Players take command of either US or Japanese forces against the computer or a human opponent, although the game is optimized for play against the computer.
As was the case with its 1984 predecessor, various task forces of both sides can be controlled by different players, allowing for more than 2 persons to play, although human vs. human play can only be done on the same computer via the hotseating method.

Unlike it's predecessor, this version does not include an editor, although two variable starting positions (historical and alternate) are available for all six included scenarios, which include Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, Midway, Eastern Solomons, Santa Cruz and Phillipine Sea.

An editor, Carriers at War Construction Kit, was subsequently sold separately.

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