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Video Game
Ports of Call
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From the back of the game box:

Step into the shoes of a shipping magnate! With over two years of research and development, artwork by Jim Sachs and Richard LaBarre, and the programming talents of Rolf Dieter-Klein and Martin Ulrich this simulation takes you into the world of global shipping in a way that's sure to keep you challenged.

It combines arcade-like interactive action with economic strategy and adventure. Ports of Call makes you both the shipowner and ship captain. As the shipowner, you must be a financial wizard who's willing to take risks. As the ship captain, you must show exceptional expertise while maneuvering your freighter.

Ports of Call allows up to four different players per game and there are three levels of increasing difficulty. To insure realism the authors performed extensive research on location at shipyards in Bremen, Hamburg, London, Piraeus, Limassol, Djakarta, Singapore and North America, as well as the Bremen Institute for Marine Economics, and the LIbrary of London Nautical College. In addition to these locations, many visits were made to the Baltic Exchange in London.

Great graphics and comprehensive research add up to the most addicting business simulation for a personal computer yet. Get on board today!

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