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Oprainfall Gaming Awards
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Operation Rainfall Gaming Awards
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The winners of the yearly Oprainfall Gaming Awards are decided collectively by the gaming journalists and editors of the Operation Rainfall website.

Their rules regarding how the awards are handled:

  • All games that are exclusive or are multiplatforms that are universally better on one console are eligible for each console’s award.
  • If a game is on one company’s set of consoles, it can qualify for one or the other.
  • All multiplatform games must compete in the Mutliplatform category.
  • Winners of each category, as well as Download-Only, are eligible for Game of the Year.

  • 2016 - Added “Best Heroine” category, female protagonists were previously included under “Best Hero”.
  • 2016 - Added “Best Indie Game” category.
  • 2016 - "Nintendo Handheld" and "Nintendo Console" were lumped together this year as "Nintendo Exclusive" due to a lack of Nintendo game releases over 2016.
  • 2016 - "PlayStation Handheld" and "PlayStation Console" were lumped together this year as "PlayStation Exclusive" due to a lack of portable PlayStation game releases over 2016.
  • 2018 - Added “Best Fighting Game” category.
  • 2018 - Added “Best RPG” category.
  • 2018 - Added “Best Music Game” category. No nominees for this year.
  • 2018 - Added “Best Strategy Game” category.
  • 2018 - Added “Best Visual Novel” category.
  • 2018 - Added “Best Action / Adventure Game” category.
  • 2018 - Added “Best Console Exclusive” category.
  • 2018 - Added “Best Game Based on an Anime” category.
  • 2020 - No awards ceremony.
  • 2021 - Added Best Atmosphere
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