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Book 1: The War-Torn Kingdom:: Revised Character Sheet (Fabled Lands: Book 1) By: Montag451
Modified Adventure-Sheets-FL1.pdf (155 KB)
I revised the character sheet to trim space on some boxes (like money and resurrection) and added boxes for other features like banked money, quest/notes, and multiple townhouses. Also includes tick boxes for all paragraphs.

Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, or corrections. Enjoy!
Sep 22, 2018

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Book 1: The War-Torn Kingdom:: Fabled Lands Character Sheet By: ImhotepMagi
Fabled Lands Character Sheet.pdf (194 KB)
One thing I couldn't seem to find is a separate, printable character sheet. So I found a PDF of WTK and separated the character sheet section. The work is not 100% mine and the proper credits are on the top of the sheet.
Jul 1, 2014

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Book 1: The War-Torn Kingdom:: Sheet for Boxes, Codewords and Houses By: StaggerLee
Fabled Lands 1 - Boxes, Codewords and Houses.pdf (33 KB)
For all people like me, who don't want to write into his Gamebooks. You can here tick the boxes, mark the collected codewords and place items in your houses.
Jan 5, 2012