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Gamma World Roleplaying Game:: Factory of the Misfit Omega Tech + Maps By: timchanzee
Factory of the Misfit Omega (4.06 MB)
A Gamma World Holiday Adventure
by Bart Carroll and Steve Winter
Dec 9, 2015

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Gamma World Roleplaying Game:: Pax Extraterrestria By: timchanzee
Pax Extraterrestria.pdf (891 KB)

This is Gamma Terra, the synthesis of uncountable realities collapsed into one by human error. Mutants, robots, and space aliens all roam the wasteland that once was Earth. (Well, many earths. Well, many planetesque things called various names but vaguely resembling what we perceive as Earth.)
A castoff from a destroyed planet in the weirdest reaches of space, the meteorite of earth and vegetation crashed in a shattered city near the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Misguided creatures from a technology-free reality, the gren, came to worship the creature and to call it the Returned Earth. The lump of sentient rock won’t be satisfied until it has obliterated all technology by sending a destructive signal through a large metal spire within the city. A patrol comes to capture the characters and drain their blood to nourish the Returned Earth (it’s complicated). Can these mutants survive the initial attack? Will they strike back at the Returned Earth? Is life even worth living if they don’t have their technology?
Nov 30, 2015

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Gamma World Roleplaying Game:: 8.5x11 Better GW Character Sheet By: shidara
Gamma World Charcter Sheet 3.1.pdf (131 KB)
Updated to include a separate sheet for Origin Powers and Vocation Feats.

Mar 9, 2011
Gamma World Charcter Sheet 3.0.pdf (115 KB)
Updated version of my newest sheet, with 2 more lines for attacks on the front.
Jan 20, 2011
Gamma World Charcter Sheet 3.0.pdf (115 KB)
An updated and larger version of my Character Sheet for Gamma World.
I designed it for ease of use during the game, putting relevant in-game information up front and center, and limiting the need to refer back to the rulebooks during the game.

• A dedicated Reaction/Interrupt section to help remind players about their triggered actions

• Power Tracker - keep track of what powers you gained and when

• Omega Tech Tracker - Keep track of your Omega Tech cards between Sessions with a handy grid

• Attacks Matrix - designed to hold Origin Attack Power and weapon attack information in one place for quick reference

• Designed for use on a clipboard - Print as 2 single sided pages, and slide into a clipboard. Second page is organized with important information from the bottom up to allow for fast reference when flipping past the first page on a clipboard
Jan 4, 2011

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Gamma World Roleplaying Game:: Gamma World Character Creation Cheat Sheet By: shidara
Gamma World Character Creation Charts 3.0.pdf (105 KB)
Base Game, Famine in Far-Go, and Legion of Gold

A further updated version of the charts, now incorporating Legion of Gold into the Origins list.
Mar 8, 2011
Gamma World Character Creation Charts.pdf (105 KB)
Base Game with Famine in Far-Go
Updated version incorporating Origins and Starting Gear from Famine in Far-Go, as well as a couple of minor corrections.

I've combined the two sets of origins into one alphabetical list, and slightly modified the Starting Gear table to offer a "choose one item" entry and eliminate the duplicate "Roll twice" entries.
Jan 26, 2011
Gamma World Character Creation Charts.pdf (101 KB)
Base Game Only
This is a consolidated cheat sheet with all of the relevant tables and data for speedy character creation. You'll still need at least one copy of the rulebook, and I suggest making photocopies of the individual Origin pages to use as handouts, but this cheat sheet combined with my Character Sheet ought to make character creation a bit smoother.
Dec 6, 2010

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Gamma World Roleplaying Game:: Fillable and Savable PDF Character Sheet with auto calculations By: willco
gWCSheet1_0.pdf (285 KB)
This is a fillable and savable PDF character sheet, using shidara's previous layout, which is clean and well designed.
Mar 3, 2011

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Gamma World Roleplaying Game:: Gamma World Character Sheet with Useful Powers section By: DegenerateElite
GW-twopage-charsheet.pdf (52 KB)
I love all the colorful, well desigined character sheets that have popped up for Gamma World but I still have one gripe....
the power sections are all terrible!!! Look at the back of this sheet to see how it should be done. I did not create this sheet, please visit the designers website and support him.
Jan 25, 2011

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Gamma World Roleplaying Game:: A Rough Night - Homebrew Adventure By: HillKing
A Rough Night.doc (43 KB)
My first attempt at designing an adventure. For 3 1st level characters just starting a campaign.

You wake up imprisoned with a few other mutants by odd Badder scientists for an unknown reason, and must find a way out of the facility, but something else is afoot in, or outside, this twisted laboratory.

My intent is to get my smaller group up to the point where I dont have to modify SoTIK (The Adventure from the Core Book) to accomodate less players, but I thought I'd upload it and see if anyone else would like to play it as well.
Jan 22, 2011

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Gamma World Roleplaying Game:: Gamma World Junk Tokens By: shidara
GW Junk Tokens.pdf (20 KB)
My solution to the ever-growing junk tables for Gamma World: Junk Tokens.

Each piece of junk from Gamma World and Famine in Far-Go is laid out on its own 1" x 2" token. Print, affix to heavy cardboard, cut out, and toss into a bowl/bag. Instead of rolling for junk, players simply draw a random tile as necessary.

Includes a blank sheet, so that you can just grab a sharpie and add your own junk as you need it, or you can print on top of this PDF file with your own junk lists.


1) Print at 100%, centered on the page, onto good-quality paper or full-page Label paper (check office stores).

2) Mount on heavy cardboard - matt board from a framing store will do nicely, or the backing cardboard from a pad of lined paper works very well too.

3) Cut off margins - .25" on the long edges, .5" on the short edges.

4) Cut sheets every 2" across and every 1" down.

5) Find a container and start generating junk!
Jan 14, 2011

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Gamma World Roleplaying Game:: A Better Gamma World Character Sheet By: shidara
Gamma World Charcter Sheet 2.0.pdf (104 KB)
A deeper character sheet designed to hold more information in order to reduce use of the book during character creation as well as keep more info available to the player throughout a 10-level campaign. This sheet was designed to be used with my Character Generation Cheat Sheet to streamline the character generation process.
Dec 10, 2010

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Gamma World Roleplaying Game:: Gamma World Character Sheet By: Holmes!
Gamma World Character Sheet.pdf (4.60 MB)
UPDATED 10/28/10! Holy crow, HP are actually 12 plus your whole Constitution score, not just the modifier! Color me red! I played it incorrectly, too! It was deadly, but I guess it's not supposed to be THAT deadly!

It comes in three flavors, all in the one PDF: there's the Skewed version....
From gallery of Holmes!

The non-skewed version, for folks whose OCD would flip out at all those angles...
From gallery of Holmes!

And a black & white version for folks whose printers ain't so hot.
From gallery of Holmes!
Oct 28, 2010

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Gamma World Roleplaying Game:: Gamma World Character Generator By: Bosco312
Gamma_World_Character_Generator_v1-0.xls (107 KB)
A MS Excel 2003-2007 compatible spreadsheet with a macro button to automatically roll and fill in origins, abilities and skills as described in the rulebook. You will have to enable macros to make it work. Similar to my character sheet 1.0 in style, but improved layout for printing.
Oct 14, 2010

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Gamma World Roleplaying Game:: Gamma World Character Sheet v1.0 By: Bosco312
GammaWorld_Character_Sheet_v1.0.xls (41 KB)
At the time of this submission, there is no PDF or other electronic form of the character sheet for Gamma World. This is an .xls version of the sheets included with the game for easier duplication. Print landscape for best results.
Oct 12, 2010

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Gamma World Roleplaying Game:: Gamma World Omega Tech By: kdjordan
Gamma World - Omega Tech.csv (3 KB)
Version 1.0
A comma-delimited file (.csv) containing basic information about the Omega Tech cards.
Oct 8, 2010

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Gamma World Roleplaying Game:: Gamma World Alpha Mutations By: kdjordan
Gamma World - Alpha Mutations.csv (3 KB)
Version 1.0
A comma-delimited file (.csv) containing basic information about the Alpha Mutation cards.
Oct 8, 2010