Contest: Soul Ladder: A geeky TriviaRPG (current prize pool: 935GG)
Nick Reed
United Kingdom
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Hi everyone!

I was looking at my user account the other month and noted I have a lot of spare geekgold floating around in there. We also have a goal over on VGG to create and promote a videogame this year. Combining the two together, and in the upcoming spirit of Christmas fun and festive sharing, I spent a few evenings and came up with this contest.

[gameid=134505 wrote:

You have until midday of Day 29 to reclaim the Soul Orb and reverse the curse or you will DIE! In the meantime, every step you take across the land will infect it and start its change back to its original form.

To move about the land you will need to answer "ordering" questions. Four answers will be presented to you - one will move you 1 square, one will move you 2, one will move you 3, one will move you 4. Choose wisely.

You will need to become strong enough to defeat the Dragon. Try honing your skills in combat.

Your heirloom weaponry and armor is lost to you. There may be people willing to sell you replacements...

You will need a Soul Shard to bypass the magical barrier. You only know of one type of creature that carries them, and they won't visit the land in its current state...

The more your curse affects the land, the more powerful will be the random monsters you encounter.
I have created a Flash game (summarised above), and made it available on my website. It's a strange combination of RPG and trivia game (even including questions about games you might find on BGG, RPGG and VGG!) where your goal is to kill a Dragon who has cursed you and retrieve the royal Soul Orb.

At the end of each game, you'll get a score (and Validation Code), so for the next 14 days (ending 11.59pm GMT, Dec. 14th) I'll be running a high-score contest. The more people that enter, the more money I'll put into the pot to be gifted at the end of the event. For now, the pot stands at 935.

(You can find more up to date information here on how the pot will be split)

There will also be free microbadge awards! Microbadge: Soul Ladder - Beloved Player Microbadge: Soul Ladder - Dreaded Player Microbadge: Soul Ladder - I survived the first 15 days! Microbadge: Soul Ladder - I killed the Demon and got the Soul Shard! Microbadge: Soul Ladder - I killed the Angel and got the Soul Shard! Microbadge: Soul Ladder - I killed the Dragon! Microbadge: Soul Ladder - I won! Microbadge: Soul Ladder - Bronze Microbadge: Soul Ladder - Silver Microbadge: Soul Ladder - Gold

There's a bit of strategy involved that'll likely take a few replays to discover, so don't be discouraged if you don't succeed on your first try. I'll be posting a HINT each day (in the first geeklist entry here) to help you on the way. And I really advise not skipping the instructions the first time through...

If you'd like to have a play, you can find the game here:
(I currently estimate a successful run to completion would take 30-60 minutes)

On completion, either submit your Validation Code and your Geek Username on my site (apologies for it being a manual process - time caught up with me), or post a screenshot of the final state+code here to this list if that seems too bothersome. Submit as many codes/scores as you like - there's no limit! Of course, this might be a good place to discuss strategy too with other people playing. (And please let me know if the code is being rejected or any other bugs appear!)
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