Iphone5 / Ipod Touch 5 games that go the full 4 inches!
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IpT = Ipod Touch
Iph = Iphone

I'm rather content with my IpT4, but have reconsidered the IpT5 now that I have some funds again. The larger, nicer screen isn't the only thing that's drawing me in, but just wondering how many board game apps have taken the stretch to widescreen, Iphone5 widescreen, 4", or my own term... "Retina+" has piqued my curiosity again. Last time something like this happened was when I did an Ipad, but NOT for Iph/IpT list of apps here....

I've had issues with GLs ordered alphabetically that get large (... 3+, 5+, 8+ pages) because I still have no way to go directly to new comments and geeklist entries when they come out... ordering them by date added makes it much easier to do that. However, I'll work out this issue later for now as to have the list easier to find things...

mid-EDIT: left my list somewhere, so I'll add more tomorrow
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