Best PASS & PLAY Android Board Games
Dev Sodagar
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The Ragados
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I am creating this list to try and give a comprehensive list of great boardgames with Pass & Play. I want to see more great instances of boardgames on Android, especially as we invariably loose out to iOS so here I will recommend the Apps that do a great job.

Format Template:

Does it handle hidden information? Y/N
Does it feel like being at the table? Y/N
Suitability: (How well suited is the game for Pass & Play)
Value for Money: (Is it worth it)
Rating: (This rating is for the IMPLEMENTATION and does not reflect the game itself! - I'd give 10 stars for a good app of Candy Land!)

I am attempting to make this as comprehensive as possible as I want to avoid prematurely rushing to judgement. This means that I will revise reviews as I discover updates, new features etc.
If you have an app to recommend here, please comment and let me know about it! I will add it in and help make this list as comprehensive as possible.

Please subscribe to these geeklists as I will continue to update them as I find and test more games.

Support Apps - These are not complete boardgames but rather apps designed to help you play the physical copies. Randomizers, Score Counters and Dice Rollers are some types of app you may find in this list.

Multiplayer (Online) - These are the apps that have full online multiplayer versions of the game. Some even allow you to play against specific friends.

Pass & Play - These games allow multiplayer play on a single device by passing it around the table.

Solitaire - These games allow you to play on your own, offline either with or without bots.
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