Lisa's diary for the BGG Weight loss Challenge
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Starting 30th March, for 8 weeks, I'm taking part in the BGG Weight Loss Challenge, organised by:

Ryan James
United States
Commerce Township
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Thanks Ryan

I decided to keep a diary, as I wanted to log my progress and goals, and was inspired to make a geeklist after seeing Liam's diary.

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Now using MyFitnessPal. Feel feel to friend me, same username as here

I'm going to track stats here, plus maybe post a picture or two for motivation.

My story...

I've been overweight most of my adult life, apart from a short stint when I lost ~80lbs and immediately put half of it back on (and then it crept almost all the way back...). I moved to Berlin, Germany, from Manchester, UK last year, and since moving, I've lost around 22lbs. Part of this is due to not being able to get the snacks I'm used to eating over here, but I've also been vegan since October 2014, as I was previously a vegetarian but going vegan in Berlin is so easy.

My current weight is 173lbs, and at 5'2" tall, this gives me a BMI of 31.6, which classifies as obese. So one of my first aims is to finish the challenge with an "overweight" BMI. My ideal healthy weight range is 101-139lbs, so this make take a little longer than the 8 week challenge, but it's a start

I'd also like to do more exercise. I'm currently writing my PhD thesis, due (hopefully) the end of July (they refused my full extension request, stressful...!) October (I'm waiting on an extension approval at the moment, which is rather stressful!) - so I don't get much time to exercise. So I've bought the Zumba fitness app for my tablet today, as I used to love doing that on the Wii (which I sadly left in England due to space), and it's easy to fit in 30 minutes of Zumba at home a few times a week.

I'd also like to restart doing yoga. A friend recently sent my a care package with two yoga DVDs in, so I've got no excuse! I may also do some running. I HATE running, but I've done it before, and it really does help me lose weight. Running isn't a definite though, due to time and enthusiasm!

I'd also like to sleep better. I'm waking up at 3am most days (probably PhD stress) and not sleeping doesn't help weight loss.

I already eat fairly healthy, and I've been restricting calories for a couple of months, and see no need to change there (I'm on 1200 a day - I may actually increase this with exercise as I give myself half the calories burned back, as per my Noom weight loss app).

Challenges: I have my Mum visiting for a week, and a couple of friends visiting for two weeks during the weight loss challenge. Maintaining good healthy eating, avoiding alcohol (although I rarely drink anyway), and keeping up with exercise will become harder.

I'm going to track my change in weight, body fat, waist size and BMI.

Stats as of today (23/03/15):

Weight: 173lbs
BMI: 31.6
Body Fat: 37%
Waist size: 33.5"

Starting stats (30/03/15):

Weight: 173lbs
BMI: 31.6
Body Fat: 36.9%
Muscle: 31.3% (from week 2)
Waist size: 33.25"

Finishing stats (25/05/15):

Weight: 156.6lbs
BMI: 28.6
Body Fat: 34.5%
Muscle: 32.0%
Waist size: 30.875"


d10-1 Zumba app - 3-5 times a week, starting on the short (~30min) routines till fitness improves.
d10-2 Yoga - starting doing yoga again, couple of times a week.
d10-3 Sleep better! Hopefully the exercise will help.
d10-4 Lose 6% of my weight (~10.5lbs / 4811 meeples!).
d10-5 Stick to 1200 calories, increasing on days with exercise.
d10-6 Cut back on snacking.
d10-7 Maintain healthy eating through two lots of visitors during the 8 weeks.
d10-8 Running? Maybe...
d10-9 Keep up with PhD write up whilst doing all this!
d10-0 Finish with an "overweight" BMI (max 164lbs).

Starting pictures on left (game shelf in background!), taken a couple of days into the challenge (01/04/15). 8 week final images on right.
From gallery of lisaabbott78

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From gallery of lisaabbott78

From gallery of lisaabbott78

Was a bit dubious about posting the last one, but I think it shows my weight loss best, so I had a bit of courage and went for it!

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