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A bit of a late addition to VGG's 5th Birthday celebration activities, but here it is anyway!

The basic idea of this geeklist is to tell a story using annotated videogame screenshots. I have done the first two to get it started. Be as imaginative as you like, and let's see where this goes!

1. Look at the last entry in the geeklist and work out where you would like to take the story.
2. Download a videogame screenshot from VGG or Google Images and annotate it with one sentence of narrative.
3. Add a new item to this geeklist - choose the game you got the screenshot from.
4. Now insert the annotated image into the post using the upload new geek image button. This will upload it to your personal gallery so there won't be any GeekMod delay on it.
5. The post will look like:
By default the image will display at thumbnail size, but you can add 'large' after the number to make the picture display at a better size. Eg:
[imageid=xxxxx large]

1. Insert one annotated image at a time. Do not post more than two entries in a row to ensure that the story flows in a random, community driven way.
2. Try to make the story follow on in some way from the last entry.
3. Have fun - it's only a game!

Not sure how to annotate an image? If on a Windows computer, you could simply use Paint. Or you could use something more complex, like GIMP or Photoshop. If on a tablet, there are various apps you could use to do the job. I have used Pic Collage on an iPad to quickly prepare the first two images!
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