European Sellers Auction Geeklist: October 2015
United Kingdom
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From gallery of enoon
This list is now CLOSED.
Please use the European Sellers Auction Geeklist: November 2015

Rules Summary:
Detailed rules available here. *

A1. You must be shipping from Europe to add an item here.

A2. You must be prepared to ship anywhere in Europe to add an item here.

B1. The buyer pays shipping costs; buyers may be from anywhere

B2. Please remember that Europe is not just the EU. Please quote shipping costs that include non-EU countries as well (e.g. Norway, Switzerland**)

B3: Please take the trouble either to quote accurate shipping costs to European destinations, or provide an accurate packed weight for each item so that people can look up rates** with reasonable confidence. Please do not just say e.g. "Ask for shipping costs to 'other destinations'"

C. All sales MUST be completed through the BGG marketplace (and thus pay 3% commission to BGG)

D1. You may and should set your own closing dates for your items. Unless otherwise specified Auctions end 7 days after they are begun (e.g. one started on the 20th ends on the 26th) at a random time to deter sniping.

D2. When you close an item, please edit the item itself with 'strikethrough' and a "closed & sold" or "closed & unsold" comment.

D3. You may re-open a closed item at any time (e.g. after an MT has concluded). Just remove the 'strikethrough' and 'closed' comment. Please keep the item closed here for the duration of the MT it is offered in.

E. Please leave all content in your posts, if you wish to remove items, or information, please use strikethrough on that and add an EDIT if necessary. This makes it easier for me, and others, to see what you have changed.

F. If you receive an offer elsewhere for a listed item which has already received a bid whether or not it meets any reserve please update your listing accordingly to allow others a 24hr opportunity to beat that offer: please do not just withdraw the item. Alternatively, ask your buyer to participate in the auction.

*This just makes the header smaller on each page!

** You can find a Guide to shipping costs from European countries here

E A "Wishlist" is here. Add to it if you'd like to see something offered.

E The "Discussion Thread" is here

E You can subscribe here European Auctions Announcements and/or here Metalist for Geeklist Auctions Announcements to be notified when this auction list is run.

E You can also subscribe to the OLWLG Auction Tool which picks out items in your want/wishlist from auctions in the the Metalist and offers some sorting functionality (e.g. by country). This Auction Aggregator is also a useful tool in some circumstances. Give it time to refresh when filtering by your collection.

E Also see: if you are new to selling by auction.
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