Joy to VGG holiday fun: Which Reindeer are Your Videogame?
Sudo Dudaković
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Looking of wrong spot. Blink, blink.
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Many internet "personality tests" with now reindeer meeting video games. Play along for fun!

1. Choose the recent videogame character you played, or if game with no character, choose of the game itself.

2. Take "Which Reindeer Are You" test being game character or game. ( or similar)

3. Post character and reindeer!

4. (Extra) Take test being of self and post reindeer to compare.

Character: Princess Peach
External image

You got: Rudolph
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Welp, if you’re Rudolph, you’ve basically won at this whole damn quiz, because without you, Christmas would be doomed forever. Although you may appear quiet on the outside, once people get to know you, your dominant and winning personality shines through.

You got: Donner
As Donner, aka “THUNDER,” your presence never goes unnoticed, and you tend to be the life of the party. Like your counterpart Blitzen, your Type-A personality takes you a long way, and when it comes to delivering presents efficiently on Christmas Eve, you’re no rookie.

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