Solo RPGs on Your Table - April 2016
Simon Hunt
United Kingdom
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Welcome to
Solo RPGs on Your Table - April 2016

Many thanks to Andreas for hosting last month - it makes a big difference not to leading this on my own (in fact I'm already doing much less than I thought I would, which is great). Anyone who fancies dipping their toe in the water, just GM me or post to the comments.

This month is all about encouraging cross-posting. This list was inspired by our hugely successful big brothers, the SGOYT (Solitaire Games on Your Table) monthly geeklists. They get a crazy amount of traffic, which I often find a bit overwhelming. This list was conceived as a kind of filter, definitely not a replacement and my suspicion that there is a place for a list more focused on roleplaying games for those who don't really want to plough through all the other genres. There is definitely more than a little crossover and I thoroughly encourage you to post your exploits to both lists (assuming they enable RPGs this month). Hopefully, we'll get a bit of Solo RPG traffic in return from SGOYT RPGers who don't know we exist, especially as "RPG" is rather a fuzzy category. Quite a few items that aren't strictly RPGs (i.e. they're not listed on the RPGG database) have ended up here over the past few months, from gamebooks to miniature games. The bottom line is this: if you think it belongs here then it absolutely does. Go ahead and post it!

My vague resolution to try to do more solo rpg gaming in 2016 seems to be keeping to about one session a month. With a little holiday this week I'll try to do more, if only to take some interesting rpg systems for a spin and try out my ever-growing library of solo engines. I've also had my eyes opened to the gamebook genre, although I've been carrying around Lone Wolf 2 all year and not really done anyting with it yet. I'm learning it's all about having the time...

TIPS donated to the list will be distributed for contributions.
I'm not sure that it's worth explaining whatever half-cooked system I think I might be running, but I'll try to be fair - whatever that might mean. As usual, anything that makes me laugh will get tipped too.

TL;DR Rules
1. Play an RPG solo.
2. Post an entry/entries on this geeklist and tell us about it.
3. Be kind, but most of all have fun.

Long Rules
1. Play an RPG solo.
It might be a paragraph chooser (Choose Your Adventure - CYA) or some other bespoke solo roleplaying experience, or you may be emulating the GM somehow. Alternatively you might be emulating characters or even players and you are the GM. It could be physically on paper, on a map with standees, a full-blown miniature set-up with modelled terrain or on a tablet, phone or a computer. If you consider it to be a solo RPG then it really is. If your mind is constructing a narrative and or characters around your play experience, however abstract, then it counts. There is no wrong way to play and if you think it belongs here, it totally does. There is a time and place for discussing what might or might not constitute an RPG, but this is not it. I will be very grateful to anyone who feels they'd like to contribute to this list and I'm not about excluding anyone.

2. Post an entry/entries on this geeklist and tell us about it.
The RPGG database is a thing of beauty, especially given the relative complexity of RPGs. My best hope for this geeklist (and its future siblings) is that it both builds community and improves the database.

There are a number of ways we can help. Firstly, each user should add an item to this list for each RPG item they are using in their gaming. Multiple entries of the same RPG gauges popularity. Multiple entries from a user is not boastful, it gives a little bit of data-love to each of the RPG items you use; the database automatically links the geeklist item on the item's page, possibly alerting authors, publishers and fans of the item. A lot of solo RPG games will need multiple entries anyway and this is desirable too for exactly the same reasons. For instance, I might use Mythic as a GM emulator to run a RISUS game and I would add both to the geeklist. I'm thinking you probably want to be adding RPGs to this list rather than RPG items, but it's ultimately your call.

What you say about each item is entirely up to you. Feel free to summarise what happened, or even just what you enjoyed/what worked and what didn't, link out to a "script" in a blog (BGG or external) or post the script in-situ (for now at least and the list becoming unwieldy would be a lovely problem to have).

Lastly, if the RPG you are using is not on the database, please consider adding it. As I've already said, the database is complex and adding things can require a bit more effort than on BGG. Modern RPGs can use tens of artists and/or a large production team. Before you can do anything, these people need to be added first. Then you need to create the RPG as a system before you can add an actual item like a rule book. It took me the best part of a morning to add the recently released Cypher System Core Rulebook. However, mention that you added something in your description and you'll get an extra gg tip.

If you really can't face/don't have the time to go adding the item yourself, mention it at the bottom of the post and I or some Blessed Data-Angel(TM) will endeavour to add it for you.

3. Be kind, but most of all have fun.
Every person fights a hard battle you know nothing about and life is short. For some reason, "You're wrong. In fact [body of opinion]" causes way more upset than "I disagree. I think [body of opinion]". Although they're functionally interchangeable, the latter owns the subjectivity of the opinion and does not invite an endless exchange of defence and counter attack. If a person opines that Fate is better than Savage Worlds (whatever that might mean), feel free to add a counter opinion to the contrary for the benefit of the audience; just don't expect to change the OP's mind. As for Ad Hominem attacks, I always feel a bit embarrassed on behalf of the attacker. Name calling? Really? I know it's never pleasant being the target, but perhaps this frame will help let it slide past; there is a very real sense in which the less someone knows you, the less weight of veracity their opinion has. If my close family think I'm a fool it might be time for a long, hard look in the mirror. On the other hand, if someone I don't know thinks I'm an idiot, why should I care about their opinion? If you see something that annoys you, click that [X] and stay on the moral high ground. Apologies if that was a bit preachy.

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