2016 NFL Survivor League
Ben Lott
United States
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Being a Lions fan is a gift...
...and a curse.
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Welcome to the 9th year of the NFL Survivor League. Are you ready for some football?!


1. The cost to play is a one time entry fee of 5 geekgold. Please tip that to the geeklist up here in the header, NOT down on item 1 of the geeklist. If you have not tipped the full 5 geekgold when the game you picked in Week 1 begins, your pick is considered invalid and you are not entered into the league.

2. Every week you pick one team to win their game by commenting on the list item for the current week. The win is straight up, no points/odds involved. Once you have picked a team you can no longer pick them for the rest of the season. If the team you pick wins their game you move on to the next week, if not you are out...completely.

3. Do not count on reminder e-mails to get your picks in. While I might be able to do this occasionally, I take no responsibility to remember. If you forget when kickoff of the last game of the week happens, you are out. It is best to subscribe to this list so you get notice when new items are posted.

4. Picks should be in before kick-off of the game you are picking. So technically you can procrastinate until Monday night, but that just leaves you the Monday night game(s) to choose from.

5. Changing your pick is allowed, but it must be done before both the game previously picked and the game newly picked start. If you change your pick do so by ADDING A NEW COMMENT, not by editing your old comment. (It would also help if you note that it is a change in pick.) If you change a pick by editing your existing comment there is no guarantee that I will catch it, and you just make my job harder.

6. If an NFL game ends overtime still in a tie, that is not a win for either team, so any picks for either of those teams equates to a loss and elimination.

7. Last man standing gets the entire geekgold pot. If all remaining participants are eliminated on the same week, or all remaining participants survive through all 17 weeks of the season, the pot will be split equally among them. We will NOT be using playoff games to continue, this league is for the regular season only, so don't feel like you need to save up teams that will make the playoffs.

Also, this is not a requirement, I'd appreciate if you'd give the geeklist a thumbsup because that keeps us on the front page and will maximize the number of participants (and the size of the pot.)

Most importantly...HAVE FUN!!

This year we also have a microbadge! You can purchase it here: Microbadge: NFL Survivor League 2016
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