Virtual Vacation #4 - Scotland
United States
New York City
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The next installment in the Virtual Vacation series is to:

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This vacation will be a bus tour with an itinerary, but at a rather leisurely pace so that we can enjoy ourselves a long the way.

Please join us on our virtual vacation by:
purpletrain Expressing your desire to join as a tour guide or traveler in this geeklist
redtrain Posting comments to this geeklist
bluetrain Post photos of the places we're visiting. Bonus points if they're your own.
greentrain Chatting with other travelers on the forums
blacktrain Having fun!

I would love to see your own photos of things, if you upload and post them. Lots of images makes for a nicer geeklist.

If you wish to join us, I encourage you to display for the month one of the microbadges below:
Microbadge: TravellerMicrobadge: World Traveller
Microbadge: I love ScotlandMicrobadge: I love Scotland!Microbadge: If it's not Scottish it's Crap!Microbadge: Robbie Burns (Bard of Scotland) fan

Share with us information, pictures, videos, and other media of an interesting city, museum, historical site, natural landmark, beautiful area, park, or other destination of interest. Help us experience this destination from a far.

Share with us videos, information, pictures and other media of an artistic performance, festival, holidays, or other events of interest. Help us experience this event as if we were there.

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Virtual Vacation discussion thread:
VGG Virtual Vacations
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