Wei Soldiers of Tiger Knight
Albert Charles
United States
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The game features meticulously researched battle equipment and weaponry, music from renowned composer Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy), high-octane action and three different modes of strategic gameplay. Tiger Knight allows players to take control of real-life ancient armies as they clash on some of the most iconic battlefields in history.

Wei Heavy Cavalry
Due to strong collision capacity, the heavy cavalries always attack enemy flanks to destroy their formation.The high mobility ensures that cavalries can outflank and attack enemy missile troops. "Attack and move" is an important rule for heavy cavalries who aren't suited for long-time siege battles.

Wei Mounted Archers
With the help of powerful detection view, this light cavalry can observe enemies better. Their primary tactic is to harass and pin down their enemies. They are disadvantageous in close combats. They can assault enemies while fighting with light troops.

Characteristic Ancient Battlefields - The game restores numerous famous battlefields during the era of the Three Kingdoms, such as Battle of the Red Cliff, Battle of Guandu, Battle of Weinan, Battle of Jieqiao, Battle of Fancheng, Battle of Dingjunshan, Battle of Bowangpo, etc. Different battlefields require different strategies.
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