One and done: A Virtual Vacation to Vienna
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A Virtual Vacation, is a way to daydream and live vicariously through other people's eyes and experiences in the hope that one day you may be able to physically be able to go and enjoy a country for yourselves.
Hopefully you can learn something, discover some hidden gems, and take away some ideas for when you do get there; in real life.

Typically, those have a duration of one month's worth of material in them.

But what about places where you can't really see yourself spending an entire month?
Almost anyone could travel around France or Spain or Italy or Germany, etc. and find plenty to amuse them for a month.
But is there a month's worth of things to do and see in Austria, for example?

Maybe if you're planning a vacation with a much more relaxed pace. Spend a week here, another nine days there, maybe hang out for five days in a smaller city and really get a feel for local life.

But a Virtual Vacation tends to be splashy. On the move. Lots to do, lots to see. What's next?

With that in mind, I invented this this new concept. One location, one big push to find out what makes a place unique and worth visiting.
Then wait for a lull in the geeklists and throw another one in there.

Feel free to do that yourself-- you can feature your own hometown or a location that you know and love, or some other place that you think has visitor appeal but maybe not a month's worth. If you know what I mean.

This mini-vacation will be to the lovely city of Vienna, in Austria.

If you enjoy this vacation, please comment and add your thoughts and images to any topic that you see.
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