VGG Geekvideo contest 2019
Raymond Haaken
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I've been resurrecting the BGG and RPGG Geekvideo geeklist this year, wanting to get people to create videos for boardgames and RPG's that didn't have any videos, or create funny videos, good rules explanations etc.

I got asked why not for videogames? Well, the answer was that you don't really need a rules explanation for a videogame, and many videogames have tons of videos already: youtube is full of streamers. Plus, I wanted videos for analogue games.

But then I thought: you know, why not do a digital version of the geeklist? Just do a seperate geeklist for videogame videos.

And so here it is: the 2019 VGG Geekvideo Contest!

The rules are simple: we have 4 categories, and participants can submit ONE video PER category, OR ONE video for MULTIPLE categories, but not more than 1 per category. So you could potentially submit a max of 4 videos.

I will sponsor 200 as prize money, plus all tips this geeklist receives. All 4 categories will have 1 winner, and that winner will receive 1/4th of the prize money. It is possible for one entry to win multiple categories (if entered in multiple).
BONUS: 5 will be awarded randomly to one person who thumbed this geeklist.

Additionally, participants will receive this exclusive microbadge: Microbadge: GeekVideos Contest participant
Winners will receive this rare and coveted microbadge: Microbadge: GeekVideos Contest winner

Anyone can also buy: Microbadge: GeekVideos creator and Microbadge: I love GeekVideos

I've also started a discussion thread here: VGG GeekVideo Contest 2019 - announcement & discussion thread.

Category 1: Games without a Geekvideo (in English) - If you have a videogame that has an entry here (or maybe you just created an entry for it), but it has 0 videos on VGG, you can create one, upload it, and submit it into this category.

Category 2: Hilarious Geekvideos - If you made a very funny video about a videogame, this is the category for it.

Category 3: Miss Congeniality - This video is engaging, entertaining, original and just darn charming.

Category 4: Best review - This video very clearly explains what this game/console/etc. is about, and why it's good/bad.

1) The videos must be English. English subtitles on another language will not be recognized in this contest.

2) There is no time limit for the video, but try keeping it under an hour.

3) The video has to be one of your own. You are the creator, and you uploaded it to VGG.

4) The video must be embedded in an entry of this geeklist.

5) The video must have been uploaded to BGG/RPGG between 01/07/2019 and 31/12/2019. The geeklist closes 31/12/2019, but any pending submissions done before that can be added. Just update your geeklist entry with a working link as soon as it's approved (usually takes 1 day).

6) All videos need to be G or PG rated (no nudity, no obscenity, etc.).

7) You can enter 1 video per category. In order to do this, simply add a geeklist entry for your video, and CLEARLY STATE WHICH CATEGORY THIS VIDEO IS RUNNING FOR. This means you could enter up to 5 videos, each in a different category. You could also enter one and the same video in several categories, if you feel it fits, they do not need to be different videos, but the same rule applies: ONE video per category.

8) In januari 2020, a poll will be made with each entry for each category. The BGG population will be invited to vote on the entries in that poll. The winner is the entry with the most votes. The second place winner is the one with the second most votes. And so on.

9) Winners will be declared 1 month after the poll is posted (soon after the poll closes).

10) In case of a tie, the prize will be split equally among all the tied people.

11) Anything videogame related goes: oldschool console gaming, handhelds, smartphone app gaming, VR gaming, new generation consoles, PC, reviews about consoles and/or games, a skit about a game or gaming console, as long as it can be uploaded to a fitting VGG page. This means Top 10 lists for different games may not be the best idea, unless you make a top 10 games for one specific console/system that can be uploaded into a valid VGG page and gets approved. As long as it gets approved on VGG and follows the rest of the above rules, it can be entered.

12) HAVE FUN!!!
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