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Created On: 2012-06-26 13:31:10
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See spam on the site? Report it here and help the forum mods find it that much quicker!

Welcome: How to Start and What to Know

The LASH guild and "the naughty list" are specifically for reporting spam. Other forum violations like trolling, threats, racism, etc should simply be red-x-ed as usual, but not reported in LASH.

There is also a thread Back-LASH where extended discussions (often inspired by the naughty list) should take place, so that the naughty list can stay focused on spam reports.

More Information Edit | History

Membership Microbadge Microbadge: I am a Live Action Spam Hunter

September 2012 Spam Offensive Veteran Microbadge: Live Action Spam Hunting - September Offensive Veteran

Basic info / FAQ :

Red-X spam to flag it, and post in the Naughty List for an admin to notice it even quicker. Different admins have different abilities to move the thread to the Spam forum, delete a comment or thread, delete a user, etc.

Some spam is obvious. (Semi-gibberish from new users in Alabama Nepal, offering counterfeit passports or viagra or online betting, etc.)

Do not quote URLs in spam comments, since quoting their URLs simply helps the spammers spread their spam links more. (And increases the probability that someone will click them and get hit by malware.)

Active Kickstarter/crowdfunding links (and even linkless hype) are allowed in only 3 places in the forums, and should otherwise normally be marked as Spam:

We allow for a single Press Releases thread for promoting a project. Any updates should be made to that original threads through edits and/or replies. Please do report instances of multiple threads posted in Press Releases to promote a project.

The Podcasts and Blogs forum is specifically for promoting Blogs and other media. It's okay if they are advertising or getting other revenue where that content is hosted.

(Game-related non-game items (e.g. kickstarter for special gaming tables) in Outside the Scope of BGG are provisionally OK.)

The BGG policy is to delete threads/comments with kickstarter links posted in other forums, not to move them to a correct forum. This policy is to discourage people continually posting them inappropriately with no penalty.

VGG and RPGG are lower traffic and can thus be more lenient and move game promotional threads to the correct forum instead of deleting them, but the admin should post a comment stating that the thread was moved so that users learn where such posts should be made.

Users are not allowed to post commercial threads about things they have their own financial interest in, e.g.:

Blog policy:
Blog posts are allowed to include kickstarter links. Comments to blog posts that are promoting a kickstarter (especially in cases where it isn't related to the blog post itself) should be flagged.

Guild policy:
Guild posts can be flagged and will be judged on a case by case basis by moderators.

Useful tips:

  • Subscribe to dubious new users (or already obvious spammers) to more quickly notice if they start posting (more) spam so you can flag it immediately.
  • Look at a spammer's contributions tab on their profile to see their other recent posts and other activity.
  • Not only thread comments: spammers sometimes also edit BGG wiki pages, add geeklist comments, create spam blogs, etc.
  • To see recent site-wide forum posts, view or
  • Searching the site (via BGG's search or via external search engine) for unusual spam-related words (e.g. "aborsi" after a spate of Indonesian abortion pill spam) has sometimes discovered old unnoticed spam.
  • Do a general web search for the username and a few key words from their post to see if they spammed other websites with the same comment.
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