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"Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering." ― Steve Maraboli
नमस्ते (Namaste) – I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.
18th April 2014


GM nemesis13

Ruach played by schizoid
Catríona played by Kattvippa
Caerian played by steerpike65
Fiona played by IvoryThorns
Filian played by derf_red


The Curse of Evarzeg

Me, Caerian and Ruach wake up in the Frozen Waterfall while Fiona and Filian are staying at their parents’ house. When we go down for breakfast, I ask the inn keep to spread the word that we are looking for a magientist called Evarzeg. After breakfast I head toward Fiona’s, I’m on a mission. It’s a beautiful morning, sun is shining and it’s warmer than usually at this time of the year.

Ruach walks back to the town’s gate to ask about Evarzeg. Now the guards who were in duty the night before are there. They tell Ruach they saw Evarzeg going in the town, in the general direction of the Magientist school. Ruach thanks them and invites them to Frozen Waterfall to have a pint on him.

Caerian wanders around the town, he’s never been in this big place before. He sees ships on wheels, or carriages with sails, which ever you would like to describe those things. They don’t seem to be using ships here, instead they use wind driven carts. Caerian is absolutely fascinated by them. The dock workers are laughing at him, watching him like a shark might be watching a little fish until he introduces himself and tells them he’s a Demorthen. They are a bit taken aback and treat him with a proper respect from there on. Caerian asks about the vehicles and they tell him they call them sail wagons. They prefer them because one can drive them on hard sand. After some more discussion Caerian thanks them and takes his leave.

Filian goes to Jard Iunvan, who’s located as far away from the Magientist school as possible. Dr Iunvan seems to open at 11 and it’s not yet 11. So Filian wanders off to the shore and meets Caerian there. They talk about the sail wagons some and Filian tells him they can’t really travel North with them. Caerian figures that Evarzeg must’ve gone by boat or by land if he already left the city, not by these sail wagons.

In the meanwhile, I arrive at Fiona’s and ask her if she could borrow me a dress for the ball. Fiona is all excited and starts putting a make-up on me! I’m not sure what to think of all that, mostly my thought go along “What is she doing to my face?!” or on those lines. Ruach suddenly arrives there after a servant had told Fiona that a rough looking man is asking for her and wanted to kick him out. Having Ruach walk in the room makes me even more uncomfortable and when he asks if I want to go with him to ask about Evarzeg at the Magientist school, I immediately get up and am ready to go. And then Fiona says “Trust me, you don’t want to go out with only half of your make-up done” and I sit back down, looking defeated. Ruach whispers “I tried!” to me and leaves.


Ruach arrives at the Magientist school. The school looks like a cube and it also looks absolutely not inviting, it has a menacing look on it. Ruach walks around the school and sees it actually is a cube. All the other building seem to keep their distance to it. A strange green light is coming out of the building and he can hear strange noises coming from there. Ruach smokes a pipeful whiel pondering what to do next. The doors open just enough to let two people out and then close again. Ruach sprints toward the doors and arrives just before they close. He see these doors are pretty thick, 15 – 20 cm and big enough to let carriages through. The room behind the doors is illuminated by green-bluish light.

Filian and Caerian

As Filian and Caerian walk back to Dr Iunvan’s, they see someone leaving. A man with red hair and beard, dressed in plain clothes. He left the door open, so they walk in. There’s no-one inside, but they can see all the same things Filian saw yesterday. Filian calls out “Dr. Iunvan!”, but no-one answers. Caerian goes back out to see where the man who just left, went and sure enough he still sees him. So Caerian runs after the man to talk to him. He says the door was already open when he arrived, and two men were coming out, so he went in, but the doctor wasn’t there. He says the other one was wearing green shirt, brown trousers and a cape and also had a scar running down his face. The other one was dressed in all black. Caerian thanks him and runs back to Filian.

In the meanwhile Filian had searched Dr Iunvan’s place and found out everything looks to be in order. He knows there’s another room downstairs and so he descends there, only to find Dr Iunvan lying on the floor of his laboratory. At that moment he hears Caerian coming back and yells “Come down here, hurry!”

Dr Iuvan is lying on the floor, eyes opened, staring at the ceiling, not seeing anything. He seems to be in the same condition as the children back at Garath. Obviously the laboratory has been searched, it’s a mess. Caerian quickly fills Filian in on what he learned from the red haired man. They search the laboratory, the sample is gone as well as is Dr Iunvan’s journal. The desk looks like it has been cleaned, things have been taken off from their places. Caerian checks Dr Iunvan’s neck, there’s no grid mark there, at least. They can’t be sure, but the way he lies there, suggests he just fell down from his chair. He seems to be almost like the children, except that the children were calm, Dr Iunvan’s breathing heavily. As they get ready to go and to inform authorities, something catches their eye in the corner: there’s a grumpled piece of paper. The paper contains some kind of formula, there are notes while experimenting. Filian tries to identify the formula: it looks like some kind of medicine, but he can’t be sure.

In the meanwhile, while Fiona put my face on, Ruach let’s us know everything he learned back at the school.

The Birthday Party

I will get in the castle as Filian’s date, everyone else has a valid reason to be there. The castle is very impressive. There’s a huge plaza, lots of benches and people are gathered there. We see banners, huge fire place and people barbequing food. There’s half a pig and half an ox. There’s a pedestal and a red carpet going from the gate to the pedestal. As we finally get inside, to the plaza, it’s already very crowded. The guards at the main entrance ask “Who goes there?” and immediately recognize Fiona, but Filian has to explain who he is and of course they don’t know who I am. Finally we all do get in the actual castle, the guards actually bow to Caerian as he says he’s a Demorthen.

We walk to a huge table with a lot of people. Fiona and Filian seems to recognize some of the people. I have no idea how to behave, I feel like a fish out from water. As Fiona sees Sir Harold, he almost races to her. Fiona and Sir Harold walk away together, him introducing her a lot of people, Sir Alwin amongst others. He’s Sir Harold’s older brother and the commander of the Chapterhouse of Hilderin Knights. Caerian and me seem to have the same idea: keep your head low, avoid conversation, but keep your eyes and ears open. Turian the Demorthen comes to talk to Cearian. Caerian asks about news and mostly it’s about the missing Lady Aoda, the Duke’s daughter. Caerian says he’s met her. Turian says the last news about her was that she was in a small village called Terkhen. That is where she wrote her last letter to her father. Caerian tells him he had met her a little after she left Terkhen, they travelled together for a little while near the village Frendian. She had told Caerian she was heading home, Seòl. Turian requests if Caerian would answer a few questions, he says he would organize a private meeting with the Duke. How could he refuse such a request so Turian soon after leaves to tell the Duke.

A bell rings and a big man comes from a door in the back. All stand up and yell in unison “All hail Duke MacIsenor!” The duke looks sad, even when he smiles, the smile won’t quite reach his eyes. There’s an empty seat on his left (his wife has been dead for a little more than a year) and on his right, where his daughter should sit. All nobility give him presents and he acknowledges them by name, each and every one. We see Filomena Undain, the head mistress of the Magientist school give him a Nebular, calling it a magic lamp.

The Duke

Then there’s the dinner, lost of fish, lots of discussions which me and Caerian quite easily avoid. We’re getting the hang of this. At some point Turian leans toward the Duke and his face instantly lights up. A servant comes up to Caerian and asks him to follow him, I join them. We go through the same door the Duke just went through. We get into a richly decorated room. The Duke jumps up right up when we arrive. Caerian goes down on one knee I curtsy deeply. He asks us to rise and asks about us having seen his daughter after the village of Terkhen. We talk about his daughter and how we did travel a bit with her until the pace got too slow for us and we had to leave the party. The Duke then asks if we could try to find her. He asks me to lead the search and I willingly accept. Caerian explains the situation with the children at Garath and asks if there’s anything he could do. He says we need to talk to Lady Filomena. Caerian asks if he could write a note for her, which would make it easier to ask for her help.

The Dancing

When we get back to the main hall, the dancing has already started. Fiona and Sir Harold are dancing. Fiona is surprised to learn Sir Harold can actually be quite charming company. As Sir Harold is asking about the second dance, another knight approaches, asking for his first dance. Fiona accepts and Sir Harold seems to be in physical pain the whole time the dance takes and the second it’s done, he’s already there, asking for the next dance. Fiona fans herself and asks for some water, Sir Harold and the other knight run to get her some. When they’re getting back, Sir Harold trips the other knight when he thinks no-one can see. Fiona sees it and goes to the fallen one, saying “Oh poor you”.

There’s a young girl who’s being eyeing Filian the whole night and finally approaches him and asks him to dance, blushing. Filian accepts, but it turns out he’s not much of a dancer. She leads all the way and everyone can see that she is leading instead of him. After the dance she smiles, says “thank you” and hurries off. When Filian returns to the table, Sir Harold says “Nice dancing Filian!” Caerian explains the conversation we had with the Duke and asks if Filian could talk to Lady Filomena in his stead. Filian gladly accepts any reason to get away from Sir Harold and approaches Lady Filomena.

Lady Filomena

Filian introduces himself and explains the situation with Dr Iunvan and asks if Lady Filomena would be so kind to see him. She says she is the head mistress of the Magientist school and that she doesn’t quite get why Filian is asking her to take a look at the sick doctor. She says another doctor would be much better. Filian tries to explain why she would be the most competent to this task and also why she should see him tonight, not tomorrow. Filomena asks where Dr Iunvan is currently and keeps going on about how she is not the best person to see a sick person. Finally Filian explains her what we saw happening to the children in Garath and how Dr Iunvan went into the same condition after having started investigating this matter. Then Lady Filomena says “You have piqued my interest, I will see this Dr Iunvan”.

Following Lady Filomena

We walk to Dr Iunvan’s, who’s been taken care of by his niece. At least, that is what they have been telling everyone, we suspect she is not related to Dr Iunvan at all. We lead Filomena downstairs. She checks his pulse, asks for water and pours some in his mouth, no swallowing reflex. She says something called a stroke could cause this, but she doesn’t believe that is what caused Dr Iunvan’s current condition. I pull Filian aside and tell him I think we should tell everything to Lady Filomena. He agrees and then proceeds into telling Lady Filomeena everything. Filian gives the grumpled piece of pare to her and she says it looks to be a mind altering drug with some pheromones. We show her the note from the Duke and the piece of paper that says “Ashen Yards”. She agrees this is a grave matter and asks us to follow her back to the Magientist school. Which we do. She goes in with her assistants and asks us to wait outside. We are happy to wait outside. She does leave one of her companions with us though.

After a little while she returns and tells us Evarzeg had left two hours ago. She says she would need the whole “code” for the medication, or at least a sample of the medication in order to help the children. I plead with her, telling her she’s the last resort, if she can’t help, the children are as good as dead. She says they will conduct a search at the school this night and we should get back in the morning. We let her know we’re staying at the Frozen Waterfall in case she would need anything from us.


Ruach talks to the guards at the gates again. There are way fewer guards there should be and the gates are still open. The guards are sulking because they have to on duty when there’s the birthday party. They did see Evarzeg taking the Eastern road, at least. They also saw him leaving alone.

Ruach finds a shady tavern called Broken Cup and enters. There’s a lot of noise inside. He shows a coin to the bartender and says he’s looking for someone with a big scar on their face and with green shirt and brown trousers. There’s a small fight going on in the tavern and a lot of shady looking people. Few of them are betting about the winner of the fight, few are cheering. Ruach blends in and finds someone who could be a spy. A regular looking guy amongst these thugs, a perfect spy. Ruach buys him a drink and says he might have a job for him. The guy asks who said he could help and Ruach shows him the money and he immediately says “Why didn’t you say so right away!” Ruach gives him the scarred man’s description and tells he needs the information by tomorrow morning. Early morning. The guy said it’ll cost you a lot of money. Ruach just says “It doesn’t matter, I work for someone who’s last name begins with Mac”.

The Morning After

The next morning it is VERY quiet in the streets and we see very few people anywhere. We knock on the Magientist school door and a man in all black opens the door. We ask to talk to Lady Filomena, and he shuts the door on our face. We can hear him saying “I’ll announce you” just before the door shuts. After a little while he opens the door and takes us in. We’re taken in a room and as he closes the door behind him when he leaves the room, we can hear a click. This place makes me very nervous.

Filomena walks in and tells us that Evarzeg has left and took everything with him, but he had said he was going to go to Dearg. Filian asks about the possible remedy for the children. Filomena says they don’t train doctors here, so they can’t help any further. She says another doctor might help. Filian asks if Filomena could tell us where Ashen Yards are. She says “I suggest you travel to Reizh and ask there about something that is called Ashen Yards. You might want to ponder where ash usually is. Also, you might want to travel to Northern Coast of Tri-Kazel” and that is all I can say.

Ruach and Filian

Ruach goes to Broken Cup’s back alley and they guy is there with some information. He says the scarred man is called Nolff and you can hire him to do your dirty work. Ruach pays him 2 Ad and later tells Filian Filian owes him 5 Ads. The guy says Nolff can be found in a hut, in a pretty dirty alley ways. Ruach thanks him, finds Filian and together they proceed into looking for Nolff. The buildings start looking more and more rundown the further he walks. Finally he comes to a very sad looking hut. Whoever hammered it together, apparently knew absolutely nothing about building things.

Ruach enters and hears someone snoring in something he figures must be a bed. Ruach pushes the man kind of intensively before he wakes up. Ruach says they know about him having been at the doctor’s place and that he should answer Filian’s questions. At first the man looks confused, then he says he’s not telling them anything. Ruach says he will be taken to the authorities. He says “Whatever you say…” and attacks Ruach with daggers. However, Ruach is faster and attacks him first, wounding him pretty badly on the leg. Filian asks if he was working for Evarzeg. He says he was working for someone and took everything from the table like they told him to. The man came back to take all that stuff, there were papers and a bottle. He says the old fart was lying on the floor the whole time, looked like he was sleeping.

Ruach stops a man outside and asks him to take the wounded thug to authorities and gives him a coin. The man hurries off with Nolff.

Dr Verranza

We go to Dr Verranza, who’s a magientist doctor. There’s a young man standing at the door saying “Yes?” when we approach. Caerian explains how we need an urgent help from his master so that we can leave the city to find the Duke’s daughter and how time is of the essence here. “My master?” is all the young man says in return. “Yes, Dr Verranza” says Caerian. “In person” comes a sharp answer. Caerian apologises and explains the situation with the children at Garath. The doctor just looks at him and says “And you couldn’t help them?” Caerian is coming to the end of his patient and just says “No, not this time as they were poisoned by magientist concoction” and we show him the formula on the paper. The young doctor is being so arrogant I feel tempted to punch him, so I stay a little out of the conversation. Finally he is convinced at least to see Dr Iunvan.

So we walk to Dr Iunvan’s again and Dr Verranza examines him thoroughly. He says he would need to know exactly what was in the substance. Dr Verranza tries to analyze the substance from his blood, but there just isn’t enough of it to make anything of it. Finally he says he thinks Dr Iunvan’s condition will probably go away on its own. He says he suspects that at some point the affect will wear off for the children as well, but there’s no telling how long that’ll take though. He says he could try to administer some medication, but at this point it would be testing. He asks who’s going to play for all this.

Caerian talks to the Duke and the Duke says that if paying for the children’s care will make our departure quicker, he would pay for it. Finally we can feels like we’ve managed to really do something about the condition of all those children!
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Thanks for another great session report!
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