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So I created a game to play with friends called The Next Game Master. There are 6 Rounds of challenges with video game trivia in between each round. After 6 rounds, all players enter the Gauntlet, with the leading player in points gets to go last. All others have to work their way up to the top. I used NES, SNES and Genesis Emulators/ROMs with about 8 save states for each game. Some challenges are beating the level in a certain time, some are play a co-op game and either work together to get more points or dont' and be greedy for your own points. Some challenges are play head to head against another player and beat them in points. 6 different categories. You can check out the cards i made. I played it with my friends 2 weeks ago and it was a blast! I'd love to get all of your opinions on this concept. I am trying to get this all onto a device smaller than a laptop so other people can play it. I found a device called the Raspberry Pi where you can load up roms on it. I may be able to make a mini console out of it but again i run into the problem with the trivia because it would only run roms. Is this something any of you would be interested in helping me build? If so, here is how the game plays....

This may be a bit lengthy but hopefully you'll bare with it lol.

Trivia #1: I downloaded an app on the iPad that is a wheel that you can spin with the different trivia categories on it. So a player spins the wheel and whatever category it lands on is what you click on the website. So the question shows up on the TV and all players answer it. Whoever gets it right gets 1 point.

Round 1: "I" in Team
Each player picks another player to "team up" with. Each team picks a card to determine what game is played. The point of I in team is if you both get to the end of the level, you both get 2 points, if one of you dies, the other automatically gets 1 point. An extra point is awarded to them if they BOTH keep all their lives.

Trivia #2 (same concept)

Round 2: Challenger
Each player picks a different player to go up against. Each team picks a card. One player goes first and racks up as many points as they can in the game (ex. Sonic 2 you collect Rings). Then the other player goes and whoever has the most Rings will gain a point. An extra point is awarded if you don't lose a life.

Trivia #3

Round 3: Boss Fight
Each player picks their own individual card. This one is simple concept. You get 2 tries to defeat a certain boss. Extra point if it is done on the first try.

Trivia #4

Round 4: Head 2 Head
Same concept as "I" in Team only instead of working together, whoever has more points at the end of the level will earn 1 point. Extra point for no lives lost.

Trivia #5

Round 5: Survival
Each player gets their own card. Goal of this is to make it through a level without dying or some without getting it.

Trivia #6

Round 6: Versus
Each player picks a partner and plays in any kind of 1 on 1 game, like street fighter, mortal kombat, etc.

Trivia #7

Now is the Gauntlet, which goes by points won.

Player 1 - 11 points
Player 2 - 9 points
Player 3 - 6 points
Player 4 - 4 points
Player 5 - 3 points
Player 6 - 1 point

Player 6 goes against Player 5, winner faces Player 4, winner of that faces Player 3...etc.

When it gets to Player 1 vs whoever...it is a Best of 5 series of random challenges. Winner of that is The Next Game Master!

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