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"Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering." ― Steve Maraboli
नमस्ते (Namaste) – I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.
6th September 2014


GM nemesis13

Catríona played by Kattvippa
Caerian played by steerpike65
Fiona played by IvoryThorns
Filian played by derf_red


Lost some, Win Some

We decide to try to bribe the maid, Zai Gareth. Naturally, we don't tell Fiona any of this. So Filian rings the servant's bell and after about 5 minutes some knocks on the door, not very enthusiastically. First we order some food, as an excuse and not to wake the curiosity of the awful Amalia. The three of us - me, Caerian and Filian - try to talk Zai into letting us into 3 Magientists' room.

Ruach still looks very pale and is still swaying. Caerian takes a look at him, but doesn't find any symptoms of a regular illness. It seems to be something mental, and supernatural. No matter how hard he tries, Caerian can't find anything physical that would explain his symptoms. Ruach looks straight into Caerian's eyes and says only three words: "Those... amber... eyes...". Caerian asks if Ruach saw them, he just nods. "Where did you see them?" asks Caerian. Ruach looks even paler, if possible and says "In my dreams." Caerian can't be sure if this is just a product of Ruach's imagination, or something real. Nevertheless, Ruach is not in a good shape. Caerian helps him to his bed and in no time we can hear a steady snoring.

In the meanwhile, Fiona has been freshening up. As she joins us, Caerian asks her to help him with Ruach, even if he's already asleep. I grab Filian's and Zai's arms and say "Let's go, it's getting crowded here." Zai and Filian starts haggling about the price of her letting us in the Magientists' room. She asks for 100 Amber Daols. Filian finally pays her up, even though that is a lot of money. She very quickly slips the money away, like she's done that before, many times. She opens the door, walks in and waves us in.

In the Magientists' Room

The room is very tidy, but we can see some papers on the table. Mostly they are maps of Frendian and there are marks indicating the stones. Someone had also drawn lines to mark where the protection of the stones ends. Eastern forest also has some markers, quite obviously marking the place where we found the hut. Another one indicates the location of the hideout. A third location has been marked, with smaller markers. It's nowhere near where we've been so far and there's no explanation either. I ask Zai if we could take the maps and she could just say she's never seen any maps, in case anyone asks about them later. 10 Azure Daols more and Zai gives us a key to the locked chests. 2 of the chests contain money, Magientists gear and clothes. And some other non-interesting stuff. But the third one contains some papers, wrapped in a cloth that has been made waterproof. One huge book in there seems particularly interesting. It's labeled "Journal o the Frendian Expedition". How helpful of the Magientists to name their journal. Filian checks and the last entries mainly talk about the Best of Frendian. And about a research of Northern Lair. Some notes say things like "Tomorrow's the big day, according to the latest letter we should take all the observation to the Yards" and "It'll be interesting to see how the beast reacts to the experiments conducted in the Yards".

We make a deal with Zai that we take the journal and the letter for the night and in the morning Zai will fetch them back. While we head back to our rooms, we hear a commotion downstairs. Fiona and Caerian head downstairs while me and Filian stay in our rooms, trying to read it all while we still can. And we want to keep an eye on Ruach. Poor Ruach.

Sad News... For Some of Us

When Fiona and Caerian get downstairs, Joel is asking someone how is it possible that there has been a mutiny at Terkhen, that's the King's Garrison! Fiona introduces herself and asks what has happened. Apparently there has been a small mutiny. Fiona asks him to define small and the man tells her that about two weeks ago approximately 200 - 300 soldiers seemed to be very discontent. It happened after they had punished someone who looked like a deserter. Fiona doesn't care about the young man, but Caerian looks devastated. The mutiny was put down quickly and all the mutineers have been executed. This is all very unsettling, says Fiona. The man assures her that all the escaped mutineers should be taken care of by now. Fiona agrees that wild dogs like that can't be roaming around freely. Caerian asks the name of the young man who started all this. The man says he was Tarish, he can't remember his name, but that young man has been executed as well. Caerian looks physically ill and walks away as he knows it's the young man who Fiona ratted out.

Fiona doesn't even notice how ill Caerian looks and she just tells Joel there's been sickness here. Joel is very worried, but Fiona says Caerian is a Demorthen and can take care of this. Joel still worries about his other guests.

Caerian comes upstairs and fills us all in. We all are feeling very sad and Caerian blames himself for not having helped the young man. For a moment there I hate Fiona all over again. How can she be so ignorant to the value of human life?

What We Discover by Reading

Filian start filling us in on what he discover when reading the letters. The Magientists were specifically to investigate how the Beast f Frendian will be reacting to administrating treatment to the test subject. The letter never mentions where the test subject is. Reading the journal, it looks like the test subjects are at the Ashen Yards. They mention that the test subject were gotten from the Eastern Forest, near Frendian. There are also some side notes saying "It'll be interesting to see how the hatching goes." There are lots more notes about the hatching, like saying it should finally happen soon and this time they were using a cow as a host. It looks like one time they had used a human as a host for some spider-like creature. I'm liking these Magientists less and less. There's also a lot of notes about how the Beast has been doing.

As soon as Fiona is back upstairs, we fill her in. Filian thinks the test subject might be Aeoda, but it could be someone else as well. According to Filian the Magientists has been experimenting with the Feondas. He tells about the map (and claims we found it in the hut, for Fiona's sake). As Fiona looks suspicious, Filian casually turns to her and says "Fiona, is that a spider...?" and she runs out of the room to take another bath. I'm laughing just a little bit internally. Just a little bit.

Filian keeps reading the book and finds out that they were also trying to measure the colours of the eyes and such science-y things. We decide to take turns on reading so that everyone can also get some much needed rest. Caerian finds an early note on how they found a young woman in the forest and how they really had to work in order to actually capture her. The brought the naked woman to the Ashen Yards. The date matches with Konog's story about the naked woman in the forest. Filian takes notes of the initials S.P., H.B., S.D. and E.L. and all the dates.

Caerian goes to Servana and knocks on the door. He tells Servana about Ruach and asks if Servana has ever seen anyone with those symptoms in relation to the stones. Caerian asks Servana to follow him to Ruach, to see for herself. When they arrives at Ruach's, Servana says she's never seen anyone in that condition before. Caerian tells her about the Magientists in the Eastern Forest and she gets very upset. Caerian asks Servana to take a look at the journal, as there are some things we did not understand. Specifically he asks her to take a look at the initials. Filian explains about the battlefield we saw and how they got ambushed and probably taken to the Ashen Yards. Or at least Aeoda was probably taken there. Servana doesn't really want to believe it. When Filian tells her they wanted to study how the Beast reacts to the experiments they've been conducting to Lady Aeoda, Servana tells us how to get to the Ashen Yards. It's in Ashen Archipelago, North from Fionnfuar. She also says you don't just walk to the Ashen Yards, you need to either break in or bluff your way in. Filian asks her how the people of Reizh find Ashen Yards and Servana explains they don't really know what the Magientists do there. She also warns us that if we talk to the wrong people, we might get arrested very easily. Filian thanks Servana who says she won't tell a thing to Nolwen. Caerian asks if there's anything he can do for her and Servana says it would be great if they could meet and talk about Demorthen powers when they get back to Kalvernach. Caerian agrees to do that.

Leaving Frendian and Discovering Things

In the morning we wake up to an earth quake. A small one, but still an earth quake. In the morning someone was telling how they had heard a very very deep groaning, rambling sounds. We quickly get some breakfast and leave Frendian, there's nothing for us here anymore. With very heavy hearts we leave Ruach behind, he's not in travelling conditions and he might not be in a long time. If ever. None of us say the last bit aloud, but it's clear we all think that. Servana had promised us she'll take as good care of Ruach she possibly can and we trust her to do that.

As we leave, we travel by the ritual stones. The only thing that is different is that the heart rate of the stones is slower now. Caerian and Filian pour some water on the stone. They're still just stones. Only now, they're wet stones. We decide to check out the spots where the smaller markers are on the map, where they are clustered. Before that, we go to the first, single marker. There's absolutely nothing in there. As we travel forward, at first it seems like a regular forest. Suddenly Fiona and Caerian start feeling like they're being watched and not by a human presence. And then we all feel like someone just moved. And that is when we see three eyes looking at us between the trees. It feels like.... we are being sized up. Fiona sizes it up back. She feels like it was nodding in approval, even though nothing really moved. Then it's gone.

We go to the second cluster, it's just forest. We move to the third cluster and the feeling of being watched is even stronger than it was in the first cluster. Fiona sees something big moving. She can't really make out a shape as it is behind the trees, but even three large trees can't really hide it either. Then she sees the three amber eyes, way too close to the ground. Fiona gives it a half-bow to indicate she has seen it.

As we get to the fourth cluster, the feeling of being watched is overwhelming. We see quite obviously something moving, we don't really make out what , but it's not trying to hide itself anymore. Filian asks "Do you know Lady Aeoda?" The creature seems to stop for a second, we don't really know why. Maybe it's surprised someone is talking to it? Maybe it recognized the name of the lady? Maybe it was startled by the sound? Filian explains it we're trying to help lady Aeoda, the people who were her earlier, hurt her. Filian says we think we know where they took her. We get a feeling that the creature approves of what Filian just said, although we can't really tell how it communicated that. Filian continues telling the creature her father had sent us to get her saved. Suddenly the menacing presence gets overwhelming. Filian quickly says we're leaving and won't bother the creature anymore. Caerian has an idea and asks if her father had anything to do with her disappearance, hiding behind his hands while talking to the creature. He feels a wave of indifference washing over him. Filian promises the creature we will do our very best to save Aeoda.

After that we spend couple of months on the road toward the Ashen Yards. Nothing too exciting happens, it's just boring travelling, mostly in rain.
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