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"Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering." ― Steve Maraboli
नमस्ते (Namaste) – I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. I honor the place in you which is of love, of truth, of light and of peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are one.
28th November 2014


GM nemesis13

Catríona played by Kattvippa
Caerian played by steerpike65
Fiona played by IvoryThorns
Filian played by derf_red


This Can't All Be for Nothing, Can It?

Evarzeg tells us they have been trying to cut the connection between the Feond and Aeoda. They have given her the same medicine as the children at Garath. Evarzeg says the Beast of Frendian didn't go on rampage for nothing, so maybe the medicine really worked this time? They explain us that the the Beast or Frendian attacking people on physical level is Evarzeg's project and the besat hurting people on mental level is Miss Undain's project. Filian says the Beast of Frendian seemed to have understood our words. Miss Undain is very much interested in that. Filian asks them how did they manage to capture Aeoda in the first place and they say they captured her outside the protective circle. Miss Undain asks Caerian what he as a Demorthen thinks about all of this. He explains that Feonds are spirits of the Earth, Air and other elements and have all those elements in them.

After that we talk about whether or not we should let MacIsenor know about the current state of her daughter. We finally decide we should let him know, it's up to him to decide what he will do with the knowledge.

Fiona says there's still the question about how did all this star, the camp did not look like Feonda's attack area. The Magientists had investigated the camp site as well. It looks more like someone they had known, had been sneaking around the camp, killing them one by one. They assumed Aeoda had killed them herself, as they all looked like they had died in their sleep.

Filian asks what the Magientists' plans for Aeoda's future are. They say there are still some treatments they haven't tried and contacts that hadn't been contacted yet. I ask them what established the connection, why didn't the beast just kill her. They don't have an answer to that question. They say they have never seen the beast, they just know it has three amber eyes. They had captured Aeoda approximately a year ago and have been investigating the Beast of Frendian ever since. They say the need to investigate all the Feondas, in order to learn how they work and to be able to defend against them.

Suddenly Caerian remembers Ruach having said that he had seen the amber eyes in his dreams. Caerian suggest we do a ritual and try to beat the Beast in the Dream World. He says we all need to sleep, including Aeoda. Filian asks if something happens in the Dream World, can it hurt us here, in real world. Caerian says it can, but he's not exactly sure how badly. Filian goes talking to Lady Aeoda: "Have you been able talk to him while dreaming?" She says "I don't need to talk to him". Filian asks "Have you been able to see him in your dreams" she answers "I don't need to see him!" and suddenly she walks on all fours, almost like walking on the wall. She yells "I am him, we are one!" She lashes at the door and reaches for Filian, she manages to hurt his nose. Fiona tries her luck with Fiona: "Since you're one with him, you know that we're trying to help you?" Her eyes rolls over and she slides on the ground. Fiona turns to us and says "I think I broke her...". Despite the seriousness of the situation, or maybe just because that, I'm having hard time not laughing.

Fiona asks for tranquilizers to get Aeoda to sleep for the ritual. She says she would adminiter the shot as Miss Undain tells her no-one would go in with her when she's at that state. Fiona and Filian are planning on how to administer the shot while Caerian asks why don't we just wait for her to sleep. We all look at each other. Right. Common sense. At that point Evarzeg returns with three syringes.

The Dream World

Caerian draws a circle in which we're all suppose to lay down. Caerian uses a mixture of imagination and willpower to create a nimbus of blue etheric power around us to protect us from anything coming through the dream. We're using some of the tranquilizers Evarzeg had replaced with milder ones. He says they will knock us out, but not for too long. And we ask the Magientists to wake us up in case something looks like going wrong. They assure us they will do that, but somehow I doubt it. They have the hungry look of Magientists being able to observe something scientifically interesting. They aren't about to spoil that just because something with the specimen seems to go wrong... As we're drifting to sleep, we can see hear some raccus on the cell next to Aeoda, but the orderlies knock him down. Once we're in the dream, Caerian start chanting to bring us in the same Dream World.

The we start all appearing around Caerian, in swirling mist. This place is mostly defined by our own thoughts, so we see each other the way we perceive each other. Filian sees Fiona as huge overbearing person while I see Fiona as an Ice Princess. Caerian says we need to focus our thoughts on finding Lady Aeoda. He tells us to concentrate on everything we've ever learned to know about her. Concentrate on her the way she was before she was taken over. Fiona and Caerian make it, me and Filian are a bit lost with this. Fiona and Caerian see a shape, they pull me and Filian toward it as well. It's not like we're moving, but we still feel being dragged.

The Encounter

We all see something different there. Fiona sees her as Lady Aeoda, as nobility with very general look, face smoothened out. Filian has sen her here for the first time, he sees just her blond hair, completely nude and she never seems to turn her head toward him. She looks a bit translucent, is this really her? I see a small child that looks like she's lost, with big frightened eyes, as to me she's mostly someone's daughter, and very much loved. Caerian sees her hear split open and her other hand is trying to pull something out while the other hand is pushing it back in. We all sense a presence near her. Caerian says "Lady Aeoda?" Two voices answer, of which another one is a female voice. The voice matches the picture we each see, so it sounds different for all of us. The two voices say "Yes?" Caerian continues "We've come to talk to you about the entity known as the Beast of Frendian." Again we hear two voices "So talk". "What does the Beast of Frendian want from you?" "I am its mate". "Do you want this?" "My wishes aren't important, I don't have a choice". "What took your choice away?" "I'm it and it's me, nothing can part us." The shape gets smaller and she's getting bigger. We see a silver chord wrapper around them. Caerian keeps talking "How may we help with the birth of the offspring?" Two determined voices answer saying "Bring me back to Frendian!". "Will you survive he birth?" "No". "What about your father?" "What about him?" At the mention of her father the two shapes separate a bit- Caerian talks about the father and him being alone. The shapes separate a little bit more. The voices change and the female one is more prominent. "I can't get away, I'm trapped!" and we see small tentacles, wrapping her in. Caerian asks if there's any replacement for Lady Aeoda and suddenly we all feel like something is probing our minds, touching it gently. We all see three amber eyes. Fiona hears a voice in her mind "You have been touched". It feels like that voice is incredibly old. "I don't know what you mean" she answers. Again, she only hears "You have been touched".

The shapes start to fade. Filian says Lady Aeoda should tell him how she felt when she was traveling. Two voices as one says "It was exciting", but the tone of the voices do not match the statement at all. Caerian and Filian talk to her about what is really important. Fiona asks the creature if it would release Lady Aeoda in case it found a replacement. "Yes." Caerian asks who would be suitable. "You all would be". Caerian asks if the beast would take him and release Aeoda. We all feel like being probed again and Fiona hears a voice saying "I like you". Filian hear a voice saying to him "You would've been an interesting choice, especially watching your sister." I hear a voice "What about you, what do you have to lose?" I don't even think before I say "My sanity".

Filian tries to figure out any weakness on the entity, anything that would help us to pul her away from it. Caerian keeps trying to persuade the entity to take him instead of Aeoda. Caerian is well aware he can't fight the entity or survive the encounter. He asks "What do you call yourself?" The answer comes straight away "I don't have a name". "What do you want?" "I've got what I want". "What do you want in the end?" There's no answer. "Just to create your offspring, or is there more?" Again, no answer. Caerian feels like Aeoda is the interpreter between Caerian and the Feonda. So he might have given an answer, but there just isn't any words to describe it. Caerian expresses his love, compassion, mercy and empathy toward Aeoda's situation and wraps is all up in purple light. There's no reaction, it's like the beast is just shrugging it off.

Filian asks if it is Aeoda's will to be in this situation. "We are one, this is the most beautiful experience that I've ever had", comes the answer. Caerian uses his Oghamic stones and suddenly blue tentacles spring out of his heart, they've got pinkish end. Where ever they are touching, they create light. The entity just waits for the light to dissipate. Suddenly there's a hand reaching out from one the holes Caerian's tentacles had made in the shared shape. Filian grabs the hand, it is a female hand. He starts pulling, but something is pulling back, hard. We all try to help, but there's no progress, it's like we're all just standing still. Caerian tries to use Demorthen mysteries, but nothing happens. I start talking to Aeoda. I give her a detailed description of how much her father missed her on his birthday. How there was an empty seat right next to him, he's still waiting for her to come home. I tell her about how much his father loves her. With that, we finally manage to pull an arm out! We struggle, but manage to pull out half of the young woman. At that point we hear an angry "You won't have me!" and the entity starts pulling her back. Filian notices that there are still the two intertwined shapes and that we're just pulling her out of them. Filian thinks this means we're not getting the complete Aeoda out of the grip of the Feond, so part of her would stay. Caerian tries to use Demorthen Mysteries again to keep healing, but it's no use.

Victory... Or Not?

Suddenly we manage to pull her completely out, she's unconscious. We figure that we need to wake up, fast. Filian asks Fiona to hit him on the face and she's more than happy to oblige. He doesn't wake up, instead his face just hurts. I close my eyes and concentrate on everything back at the place we started, trying to hear the Magientists writing, smelling the awful stench coming from Aeoda's round room, feeling the cold floor under me and suddenly I wake up. I see Miss Undain's face almost touching mine, she's examining us very closely and writing everything up. Strange people. I quickly wake Filian and then go wake up Aeoda. She has no recollection of anything, she doesn't even remember who she is. What a disappointment!

In the Dream World Fiona sees me suddenly disappearing and then Filian following. Filian empties a bucket of cold water on Fiona and Caerian, waking them up. I knew I should've gotten everyone up before Aeoda. Fiona is going to kill him for that! Just when Fiona and Caerian wake up, they hear "I'll take him instead...". We can't help but wonder if that meant Ruach.

To be continued...
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