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Panda Empress, First of Her Name
GMed by nemesis13
Caerian the Demorthen from Llewellen, played by steerpike65
Catríona the Varigal from Seòl, played by Kattvippa
Filian the Scholar from Seòl, played by derf_red
Fíona the Knight from Seòl, played by IvoryThorns
Ruairidh the Magientist from Baldrock, played by Modoc

Following the ceremony in which the group was awarded medals and title Heroes of Seòl, Fíona invites the group back to her father's house to spend the evening. She expects, of course, that having such auspicious guests is sure to bring honor to the MacLeur household. Filian is invited to stay as well, but only as a guest. To celebrate, Mr. and Mrs. MacLeur host a party to honor the Heroes of Seòl.

During the party, Filian is invited to have a chat with his father. His father explains to him that he has been in marriage negotiations with the Modair family. Although not nobility, the Modair family is very, very rich owing to their success as merchants, and they even have a seat on the Council! Filian will be marrying a young lady named Adeliane, who is the very same girl he "danced" with a year ago at the Duke's ball.

Caerian is approached by a party guest who asks him to bring Turian back in line politically -- the guest believes a Demorthen should be less involved in politics, and he seems too interested in amassing power and influence over the Duke. Caerian agrees to speak to him, but he makes it clear he is far more interested in the spirits and in his duties outside the city. He tries to ask Filian and Fíona who he is, as he appears to be a nobleman, but neither recognize him. He is wearing white and green, which Filian recognizes as the colors of House Mac Dorgh. He consults a servant (Venegal), who recognizes him as Daireg Mac Dorgh. Venegal doesn't know much about the family, except to say they don't live in the city.

Filian enjoys quite a bit of drink. He tells the others about his father's plans to marry him to Adeliane Modair. After he passes out, Fíona expresses some concern about Filian's attitude towards his pending marriage, and both Caerian and Catríona promise to talk to him. Both say they will miss the adventuring life. In fact, that they intend to travel out to the little village from which the children were abducted over a year ago. Fíona, on the other hand, is looking forward to returning to her usual routine.

In the morning, Filian is awakened by his mother reminding him about his fiancee's impending visit. He's very badly hungover from the liquor the previous night. He stumbles downstairs to find breakfast on the table. His efforts to eat, however, just make him sick.

Upon waking, Catríona is advised by a servant that a man claiming to be her brother has been waiting for her on the other side of the street for some time. She dresses and steps outside to greet him. Immediately, he demands money for their father's treatment. He claims that the local Demorthen could do nothing to help him, so he was forced to turn to the magientists for help. Because he can't pay, he has been told to sign a health contract, which gives the magientists the right to experiment on him until his debt is paid. Catríona promises to do what she can, but she needs him to buy some time. They agree to meet the following morning. Once back inside, Catríona shares her situation with Caerian, who offers to help her learn more about her father's condition.

Caerian also receives a letter from a servant. It is an invitation from Lord Turian to meet at the Sacred Grove. There are already two Demorthen there when Caerian arrives. They are dressed sensibly and seem uncomfortable around him. They seem slightly relieved when Caerian tells them he is anxious to be back out in the wilds. When he mentions that he hopes his actions have been favorable for Turian and the other Demorthen, one looks baffled and asks why Caerian would put Turian before the Demorthen as a whole. Turian chooses that moment to arrive, and Caerian immediately notices the stark contrast between their fancy clothing and the sensible clothing of the other two Demorthen. Turian's guards block off the entrance, much to the irritation of the two Demorthen who had been waiting there previously. Caerian tries to include them, but is over-ridden by Turian. Once inside the grove, Turian congratulates him on a job well-done: Caerian saved Aoda and simultaneously thwarted the magientists. He tries to enlist Caerian's aid in standing up against the magientists further, but Caerian argues that he has met some good magientists, such as Savanna and Ruairidh. Turian asks how Caerian intends to differentiate between good and bad magientists. Caerian shares some ideas, and Turian tells him to do it. Caerian also inquires about Mac Dorgh, and it seems that Turian has had no dealings with the man or any idea why he would be inquiring after him.

At the MacLeur household, Filian's meeting begins rather awkwardly. He's surprised to learn his bride is only 16! They share a bit of conversation, which helps Adeliane to relax, and she confesses to wanting to be a Knight. Filian tells her it's a bad idea, because Knights are very opinionated on right and wrong. Filian asks how she feels about the marriage. She tells him she simply accepts her father's will and seems confused why he would ask such a question. He takes her downstairs to meet Fíona and Catríona, and she's quite taken with the strong, independent women. Trying to help Filian out, Fíona and Catríona tell her that Filian is brave and smart, and they relate some of his actions from their travels together. Afterwards, Filian escorts her back to the study where their fathers are sitting in an uncomfortable silence. The Modair family departs, and Catríona tells Filian she approves of his fiancee. Filian says he wishes she was better traveled.

At the Chapter House, Fíona learns Harold has been transferred to Kaer Dagis. Fíona voices her disappointment, but, as the orders came from their superiors outside the chapter, it seems there is little to be done but to accept the transfer. Nevertheless, Fíona vows to write Harold a letter to express her disappointment and to inquire after his return.

The next day, Caerian and Catríona meet with her brother. He says their father was hallucinating and complaining of pains in the stomach that lasted for many weeks. He doesn't remember which Demorthen looked at him, as that was so long ago, but it was one of the locals. They decide to go visit her father, but her brother must stay in town. When they get there, he doesn't seem to remember Catríona. When her mother comes back, she doesn't recognize her at first either, and then she immediately lays into her about her disappearance. She blames Catríona for her father's condition, as he "clearly" overworked himself after Catríona ran away from home and an unwanted marriage. As it turns out, they haven't seen her brother for years. Catríona hopes her mother will be able to someday forgive her, and she promises to send home coin whenever she can. Caerian is able to look over Catríona's father as she and her mother are talking, and it seems his condition is not an illness but simple old age.

Together, the group agrees to go see the Duke. The audience takes place in the throne room in front of a crowd of people. Filian presents his travel notes to the Duke, and he agrees to look it over and let Filian know if they find it interesting. Caerian then shares the situation of Catríona's parents in the hopes he can do something to help them as their farm is on his land. The Duke agrees to think over the situation, and the party is dismissed.
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