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Subject: PbV Campaign 2-4 - The Dice Have Been Cast rss

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Panda Empress, First of Her Name
Ruairidh went back to the magientist school, morally shaken, to research the medicine. The next morning, he finds a group of people waiting outside the school. They appear to be grumbling and giving the school nasty looks, and more and more people begin to join them as he watches. He can hear them muttering about wanting to throw the magientists out of town. This adverse reaction is new: people don't usually gather outside the school like this. Ruairidh goes back to the safety of the library, where one of his colleagues soon comes in to tell them the mob has started screaming about how the magientists have killed someone. Lady Filomena, who is in charge of the school, assembles everyone in the main auditorium to discuss the situation. She asks if anyone in the auditorium may have some idea what caused the mob. One person speaks up and says he found some stray dogs that he experimented on -- but he was sure they didn't belong to anyone! Someone else claims to have done an experiment that got out of hand -- and it caused some green smoke to pour out of the chimneys, but it was at night, so he's certain no one saw it. Ruairidh timidly raises a hand and confesses that he's been experimenting with medicine and the body's reaction to medicines. Unfortunately, the girl ended up perishing after the parents followed his recommendations. Lady Filomena tells him she needs to speak to him privately and dismisses the rest of the school.

Fiona makes herself up and prepares to wait for Sir Harold to come out of the bath. She's hoping to make it accidental. And it takes forever! As she's standing there, however, Sir Alban comes up behind her and clear his throat. She turns, surprised, and gives a hasty salute. Sir Alban informs her that he requested Sir Harold be transferred back to their Chapter House in order to train new recruits, and he has more news for her if she will follow him to his office. As they pass the bathroom door, the door opens and Sir Harold walks out. Fiona and Harold exchange happy expressions, and then Fiona is brought into Sir Alban's office. Inside, Sir Alban tells her he's recommended her for a promotion and would like her to train the new recruits in swordplay. She gratefully accepts, then hurries back to find Sir Harold -- but no one seems to know where he went. Disappointed, she is forced to leave him an invitation in writing to join her (and her parents) for dinner.

Caerian, meanwhile, follows a servant of Turian's demorthen out of the Sacred Grove and to a local tavern. After about 10 minutes, he comes out and goes to another tavern. Once he goes into this other tarvern, Caerian goes back to the first to have a drink and investigate. Immediately, he discovers this is a rather seedy, dirty joint. After ordering a drink, Caerian asks the bartender if there's any news. The bartender tells Caerian that the magientists have started murdering children -- apparently, one was poisoned in an outlying village. As they're chatting, an angry mob forms and heads for the magientist school. It's clear they have a basic story, but they're going on to make things up -- like the idea that Lady Aoda was kidnapped by magientists and is being brainwashed by them with the help of their pet Feond.

En route, Caerian runs across Catriona and Filian. He explains that he's just come from a tavern, where a mob had formed upon hearing that the magientists had killed a child. The group agrees that this is probably Very Bad, and they decide to go inform the guards that the mob is forming. On their way to the palace, they encounter several more angry mobs -- fortunately, the groups appear to be small and comprised mainly of the poor. At the palace, the guards seem anxious, but they aren't taking steps to act just yet. When the group introduces themselves, the guards are unimpressed -- except the one who recognizes them as Heroes of Seoul. They are allowed to pass. The Duke's Chamberlain greets them once they are inside. The group informs him of the growing mobs in the streets. The mob seems very agitated, and they press the importance of informing the Duke as soon as possible. The Chamberlain is unimpressed, particularly with Filian's attempt to redirect the Chamberlain to immediate action. They are summarily dismissed with a vague promise that the Chamberlain will take action.

Filian wants to stick around to try and gain access to the Duke's library to do some research on the Feond, but Caerian and Catriona decide to try to warn Ruairidh that he should leave.

Filian finds the library and, after giving the guard outside the door his name, is allowed entry. It's a very large room containing books and scrolls with big windows and a large table to read at. There's also a librarian's desk and is lit by nebulas. The librarian is fidgety, but it doesn't appear to be because he's bored. He also appears to be related to the Chamberlain Filian just irritated. Filian tells the librarian he is here to research the Feond (wolves) that attacked them just outside of town. Unfortunately, the library doesn't have any books about Feondas, but the librarian suggests he try the Archive. He gives directions to the building in town, which Filian had always thought was part of the treasury. Unfortunately, Filian needs permission from the Duke (or the Chamberlain) to enter. When Filian confesses to having irritated the Chamberlain earlier, the librarian suggests trying to get permission from any of the other Council members. The members are: the Duke and his daughter, Korentin (Chamberlain); Sir Gunthar Mac Luag (Captain of the Guard); Turian (Demorthen); Paskella Forh Agun (Head of the Forh Agun Merchant House); Yannig Modair (Head of the Modair Merchant House); and Sir Alban Munadh (Hildren Knight Commander). He decides to try to find Sir Gunthar, because he should be located here in the castle and hasn't had a chance to anger him yet. Unfortunately, Sir Gunthar isn't there, so Filian heads home.

Back at the magientist school, Lady Filomena tells Ruairidh to sit down and asks him why he interfered with the operation in Garad. He asks what operation, and so she tells him that the magientists were trying to cure children there...and that she was working on it personally. Ruairidh tells her he didn't feel it was necessary to come to talk to her. He's very sorry for the child's death, but he isn't particularly sorry he interrupted her experiment, as he was doing what he thought was right. Lady Filomena tells him that the mob outside is absolutely right -- they did kill a child, even if it wasn't intentional. She also tells him that she's assigning him to a 2-year field trip outside -- he isn't allowed to step foot into a magientist school in order to give him time to reflect. This new experiment is called "How does a magientist hsurvive in the outside without having any contact with other magientists?" and intends to have Ruairidh leave tonight so that the experiment can begin tomorrow morning. When his colleagues ask Ruairidh why he's leaving, he tells him he's taking a leave of absence to do some research. They offer to get him anything he needs while he's gone, and Ruairidh asks if they could top off his supplies before he leaves: flux cartridges, mobile flux extractor, and so on. From his window, he can see the guards are now moving out onto the plaza to try and dissolve the mob -- but it doesn't seem to be working.

Catriona and Caerian arrive at the magientist school before the guards do. Caerian encourages the mob to go to the palace: the Duke alone has the power to kick them out of town. Unfortunately (?), Caerian isn't able to convince them to leave. When the guards show up, they're able to disperse the mob. When Ruairidh leaves, he finds the pair waiting for him, and Caerian beckons him over. Ruairidh tells them that this isn't a good place to talk, so they head over to the Frozen Waterfall. When they get there, Catriona's brother is there waiting for her. He's been waiting for a few hours already. Catriona tells him she still wants to meet her niece, but she needs a few hours to finish up some business she can't discuss.

Fiona finally reads the note she was given several hours ago and realizes she was asked to meet Catriona two hours ago at the Frozen Waterfall. With arrangements made for dinner, she leaves for the inn and finds the rest of the group there. Catriona asks Fiona if she would accompany her to meet her niece in a bad part of town, and Fiona agrees. They also explain about the mob and how Ruairidh was expelled.

Filian soon arrives as well, and he tells Fiona he needs to talk to Sir Alban to gain permission to the Archives. Fiona asks him if he asked several other people before he can bring the conversation back to Sir Alban and how he would like Fiona's help. Fiona tells him he knows where to find chapter house and asks if he needs his hand held walking up to the gate. Filian eventually grows irritated and stomps off to deal with the situation on his own, and Fiona calls after him to make sure that if he shows up for dinner, he dresses appropriately.

At the Chapter House, Filian encounters a pair of guards at the gate that seem to be trying very hard not to laugh in his face. He tells them he would like to speak to Sir Alban regarding the security of the city. He is allowed to enter, but Sir Alban is busy, and he will have to speak to Sir Harold instead. Filian takes the news quite badly, but he is determined to go on. Inside, he finds Sir Harold looking quite smug. Filian tells Sir Harold that it's Fiona's birthday, and he had better bring her a sea of buttercups to celebrate -- which is, in actuality, Fiona's least favorite flower. Sir Harold tells him there is no reason to access the Archives if he knows all about the Feond, and that the Archives are restricted for a reason...unless Filian can make it worth his while. Filian takes the box out of his bag and encourages Sir Harold to look at the wolf head. Sir Harold does not see the creature as a Feond; he is convinced it is a wolf, and so he will not grant Filian's request.

Filian storms back out and runs into the group. After launching into a rant about how poorly it went, he says it would have gone better if Fiona had spoken to him. Fiona offers to do so, and she suggests everyone else accompany them as well as further proof. As soon as Sir Harold sees Fiona, he jumps up to greet Fiona and slams the door in Filian's face.

Catriona is sure he slammed the door only because he didn't see Filian. Surely.

Inside, Fiona and Sir Harold gush about how much they've missed each other and how good it is to see one another before getting down to business. Fiona explains that the wolf head was in that decaying condition when they encountered it, and, in fact, this was not the first time they've encountered such creatures. She explains that Filian is hoping to find a pattern about the Feond or further information about it. Sir Harold also learns that it is NOT Fiona's birthday and that her favorite flower is an asphodel, rather than the buttercup. After a leisurely chat, Fiona emerges to give the writ to Filian, and she warns him that he had better share his findings with the Knights, since they were kind enough to grant him access.

At the Chapter House, Ruairidh and Filian find the building well-guarded by town guard and Hilderin Knights. They show the writ to the guard, and they are allowed to pass. Just inside, there is a waiting area, and Ruairidh and Filian pause here before they are allowed to enter. A man walks over and greets them, then leads them to the historic archives where they can do their research. Going backwards from the present, they learn there are several reported incidents of Feond attacks, and at least one of them is reported as being "plant-like wolves."

Catriona, Fiona, and Caerian sit down at the Frozen Waterfall to wait for Catriona's brother. When he arrives, Catriona introduces Caerian as a demorthen, just in case she's sick and needs medical attention, and Fiona as her good friend. The group follows him to one of the seedier parts of town and stops in front of a house that is in very bad shape. It's small and the roof is half-collapsed. He opens the door and walks in. Once they're inside the door slams shut, and a few people jump down from the loft above. They're armed. Catriona's brother demands money from them. Catriona tries to inform him how much trouble he'll be in if anything happens to Fiona -- but he has no idea who Sir Harold is or why he should care about risking his wrath. When Catriona tells him he should get a job like the rest of them, he confesses he had a job as an assistant tanner until his daughter died. She insists she has no money, and he tells his goons to search her. When they step forward, she unsheathes her weapon. Caerian uses his demorthen abilities to give the party lizard scales for skin. Immediately, the thieves break and run.
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