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Subject: PbV Campaign 2-5 - Spy vs Spy rss

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Panda Empress, First of Her Name
Having left the City Archives, Ruairidh and Filian make their way back to the MacLeur home. Filian wants to rest for the upcoming dinner party, and he invites Ruairidh along, as Ruairidh has nowhere to go. As they travel through the city, they pass several groups of people complaining about the magientists. Fortunately, Ruairidh isn't wearing the trademark magientist black leather, so he is largely ignored by the mobs. He does occasionally weave into the mob in order to spread some more malicious rumors about the magientists and their mysterious ways.

Just as they arrive, they notice Caerian and Fiona arriving from another street. Filian asks where Catriona is, and Fiona tersely informs him she's not here. She asks how their research went, and he gives her a long-winded explanation of how they found really nothing at all.

Once inside, a servant asks if the others will be attending dinner, and Fiona tells him that they won't be. As soon as she is ready, the doorbell rings, and Sir Harold is shown into the manor. He graciously extends a hand to her to lead her down the stairs and into the dining room where dinner has been arranged. Once there, Sir Harold immediately begins to talk about himself. Fiona's father seems impressed with all of his grand statements, while Fiona's mother is obviously growing to dislike him more and more. All told, Sir Harold is allowed to talk about himself for about three hours before dinner comes to an end.

A smaller room has been set aside for Filian, Caerian, and Ruairidh to enjoy dinner in. Unfortunately, there are no secret passages for Filian to listen in on what is happening between Fiona and her fiance. Instead, he focuses his effort on coaxing information about Catriona out of Caerian. Caerian confesses that Catriona was led into a trap by her brother, who then tried to rob the group. Filian also expresses his surprise that news of the dead child had spread so quickly.

Just as Sir Harold is leaving, Filian, Caerian, and Ruairidh exit their own dining room. Fiona's parents both assure Filian that they're quite taken with Sir Harold. Once he leaves, their parents retire, and Fiona asks if Ruairidh is intending to stay and if Filian has arranged a room for him. He hadn't, of course. This causes a bit of an argument between the siblings, which is immediately interrupted by a knock on the door. Opening it, Filian finds Sir Harold's squire there. The squire informs them that there has been an attack on the magientist school, and all Hilderin Knights are being summoned to deal with the situation. Fiona immediately goes upstairs to change into something more appropriate.

Caerian elects to stay at the house, fearing someone in the group will realize the hand he has had in this. Filian and Ruairidh arrive at the school first and see that one corner of the magientist school has been set on fire. They also realize the mob has grown exponentially, and it is continuing to grow. Looking around, they realize that about half of the mob seems to be from outside the city. Unfortunately, a rush of people carries them both into the plaza. Ruairidh scoops up stones from the ground and throws them towards the magientist school, which stirs up the crowd (as intended). The crowd begins hurling stones as well, and they push the guards back.

At the Chapter House, Fiona is given command of 9 other knights and is dispatched to the Magientist School. Like the rest of the knights, they are on protection duty; they are not to engage unless the City Guard has specifically requested their assistance. Even if this happens, the Knights are to keep to the back and try not to get the Knights involved in the situation.

Back at the MacLeur manor, Caerian goes up into Filian's room, which is facing the magientist school and is on the top floor. He can see the smoke of the fire on the distance, so he offers a little prayer to the spirits to thank them. He hopes the spirits destroy the school completely with as little harm to those enacting their will as possible.

Fiona is approached by a city guard, who demands her help. She agrees to reinforce their lines with her Knights, and they demand she send for further reinforcements. She acquiences and sends a runner back to the Chapter House. She also tries to reshape their lines, because she assumes that the guards are incompetent and don't know what they're doing. This annoys them, but they listen. It's obvious, however, that the few Knights will not be enough to stablize the line.

The line does eventually break, and the people pour through the hole in the line. Filian rushes back to the family estate once the crowd clears out from around him. Ruairidh, however, is carried still towards the school. Fiona pulls her Knights and the nearby guards back against the wall to protect them against the mob.

The mob begins to throw torches into the school just as a large group of Knights charge into the plaza. They begin to cut the crowd down with their weapons, causing the mob to disperse in every direction. For the time being, the school continues to burn, but it is still safe. Fiona is directed to return to the Chapter House for the time being.

Caerian meets Filian and Ruairidh as they come back to the house. Filian excitedly explains all that he's seen, including the fact Ruairidh was throwing stones. Caerian calmly looks both of them over and says he suspected it would be chaotic and dangerous, hence why he stayed at the house.

Filian is worried for Fiona and her involvement, but his family has no influence over their organization: only the King can give them orders. Filian's father dismisses his concerns about both Fiona and his concerns that this mob seemed somehow arranged from outside. Angry at his father's attitude, Filian takes to the street to check on Fiona's status himself. He finds roving groups of guards searching for members of the mob. One group stops him to question him, but they become more friendly upon learning his title and destination. He tries to skirt around the center of the city to avoid most of the fuss and, after several more encounters, finally reaches the Chapter House just as Fiona has been dismissed. After explaining his observations, Fiona takes him back inside to meet with her Commander.

Fiona advises Filian to speak quickly and to the point, not use big, pretty words, as they don't have time for it. The Commander dismisses the rest of his officers, and Filian begins his explanation. The Commander asks if his information is reliable, and Fiona quickly comes to her brother's defense. Filian is sent to write a report of his observations. The Commander tells Fiona that there will be a meeting of the Council tonight and that he would like Fiona and Filian to attend.

While they're gone, Caerian asks Ruairidh what he observed at the riot. Caerian is shocked at the violence, but he is disappointed the entire school didn't burn. Caerian suggests they leave town and go somewhere a little safer, and return only once things have calmed down. Ruairidh confesses to his falling out with the school and says he wouldn't mind going.

Fiona and Filian return at that point. Filian wants to talk to Ruairidh privately and politely waits for them to end their conversation, but Fiona has no such qualms. Fiona interrupts their conversation to ask if either of them were present for the scene outside the school or if either of them have information. They tell her that it likely has something to do with the death of the child in Garad, and they should flee. Fiona responds that she does not run, nor does she hide. They try to explain to her that her weapons won't do much good in a political battle. Clearly, this does not bother her. A squire arrives to inform Fiona and Filian that they, and anyone else Fiona deems necessary, have been summoned to the castle. Fiona informs the group, and Caerian and Ruairidh immediately resume their conversation about leaving. Filian says he wants to talk to Ruairidh before they go, so Fiona tells him she will wait outside. She immediately sends a servant back to the Chapter House with word that Ruairidh, Caerian, and Catriona are people of interest and that they intend to flee the city.

Filian pulls Ruairidh aside and asks what was going on out there. Ruairidh claims he wasn't throwing stones at the building; he was throwing stones at the mob and just missed. Filian assures him he won't mention what he saw, but he doesn't know what Ruairidh was thinking -- he could have been in serious trouble. Also, he could have hurt Fiona, and that could have been very serious in this context. Ruairidh reluctantly agrees, then tries to persuade Filian to leave with them. Filian agrees to talk about it with them later.

Once Filian rejoins Fiona, they head for the castle. Meanwhile, Caerian and Ruairidh start packing their things. Caerian leaves a note for Filian that tells him they are leaving to investigate the half-plant, half-wolf creatures that pose a greater threat than the internal politics of the city. They could benefit from his expertise, and they would welcome his company -- and Fiona's, if he could convince her.

Filian and Fiona are escorted to the Council Room. No one is ever allowed into this room, usually, but they are brought there now. There is a table in a three-quarter circle with the Duke sitting in the middle with his advisors on either side. It's clear they have already been talking for a short while. The Commander introduces them to the Duke and explains that they've brought some information to his attention that he wanted to share with the Council. Fiona and Filian share their information with the Council, namely that the variety of people from outside the city may point to the riot being set up from someone else. They ask who may be responsible for orchestrating for these events, and Filian suggests there may be political reasons to blame the magientists.

Knowing that the gates are locked for the night, the pair wait for morning at the MacLeur household. A group of guards enter and tell them that they're under arrest by direct order of the Duke. They are escorted to the Duke's castle and are brought to a room high up in the Castle. On the other side of the door, they can hear Filian speaking. They are shown into the Council Room, where Fiona's hand in their arrest is announced. The Duke himself asks them to share their information with the Council. Ruairidh begins describing what he saw that evening. Fiona notices some amber shining in Lady Aoda's eyes, and Filian and Caerian both notice that something has changed but can't put their finger on what. Caerian also recounts what he saw that evening. Fiona interrupts to say that she had asked them brought here due to their involvement with the child who died in Garad. Ruairidh is forced to confess to his hand in the death of the child, and Caerian describes the Feond attack that put the child in that state in the first place, placing blame squarely on the magientists. The Duke asks to see the group privately, so the rest of the Council leaves. He says he doesn't blame Ruairidh, and he won't be persecuted, largely thanks to Caerian's voice of confidence a moment earlier. However, he wants the group to investigate and find out who is behind forming the mob. While acting in this capacity, they may only report to him and may be excused of any action. Once they agree, they are dismissed.
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