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Subject: SoE Session Report – A dark power rises rss

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Fred M
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“Now I see well, why with such dark flames
in many glances you flash upon me
O Eyes: as if in one look
to draw all your strength together
I didn't realise, because a mist surrounded me
woven of tangled destinies
that your beam was already returning homewards to the place
from which all rays emanate.
You would tell me with your brightness:
We would gladly stay with you!
Now that is denied to us by Fate.
Look at us, soon we will be far away!
What are only eyes to you in these days,
in the coming night shall be your stars.“

- from “Kindertotenlieder” by Friedrich Rückert

As the group is about to leave the castle, a messenger approaches Fiona and delivers an important request, that requires Fionas immediate presence at the Hilderin Knight’s chapter house. Outside of the castle Ruairidh and Filian meet Caerian, who keeps surprisingly cryptic about his reasons for being there. He had to deal with a matter concerning a certain noble or so he tells Ruairidh and Filian who swallowed the story without any second thoughts.

On their way back into town Catriona shows up as well. Perhaps she needed to take a walk after her somewhat annoying encounter with a rather rash Varigal at the Frozen Waterfall.

Back at the prison, the guards start to sort the crowd of prisoners into different groups. It appears to Filian that they distinguish citizens of Seol from foreigner of the villages around. The guard at the entry is condescending as before but as the party waves Lady Aodas permission letter under his nose, he grudgingly lets the group inside, furnished with a remark not to meddle with the city guards investigations.

As planned, the group singles out a prisoner who doesn’t stand in a group of people. The moment Ruairidh approaches another inmate claims that he saw him at the riot the other night throwing a stone at the magientist school. The incident causes a guard to take up the matter. Luckily Caerian quick-witted comes up with a cover story for Ruairidh.

Ruairidh proceeds with his plan to interrogate the prisoner. However his fools-rush-in-approach is countered rather coldly. Embarrassed, Ruairidh walks away to contemplate on the rather intricate woodcraft of the fencing. Next, Filian tries his luck to convince the prisoner by offering him to get out of jail faster, should he cooperate. The situation evolves along the lines with Ruairidh’s, although after exchanging unpleasantries with the prisoner, Filian ends up with his face in the mud. A guard called to the scene is extremely reluctant to decide the matter in Filians favour after his “friends” rather looked the other way when he was assaulted. This leaves Filian outraged and fuming as he as a noble is not shown the proper respect.

Meanwhile, Ruairidh got into a little chat with another prisoner, a carpenter named Towen, over the excellent woodworks done at the fencing. He manages to bring the topic to what actually caused the people from the outer villages to come to town for the riot in the first place. Towen mentions that he got the idea from a fellow peasant, a potter named Blythe, who also happens to be a prisoner at the moment.

Ruairidh hastily takes his leave from Towen to seek Blythe out, who is spotted squatting nearby. Blythe tells Ruairidh, that he is racking his brain the whole morning about what caused him to be in the situation he ended up in right now. He says that he remembers someone speaking outside at the streets of a child sacrificed by magientists, while he was working inside his pottery. After that he only remembers that a moment later he flew into a frenzy that compelled him to join in the riot, but that he now cannot rationalize anymore.

Ruairidh isn’t quite sure what to make of the potter’s story. However, Caerian who was within earshot of the conversation between the two walks up to Blythe and realizes the sincerity of his report. He urges him to recount his testimony in front of the duke himself. As the group together with the potter is ready to deliver the news to the castle, they have to get past the prison guards again. And again these show their utmost willingness to cooperate in the matter by asking the group unnecessary questions. It takes Caerian quite some amount of persuasion and intimidation to convince the guards to let the party proceed. As they leave, the prisoners take notice that one of them is taken to the duke’s palace, which makes them tremble. Filian hisses towards the detainee that tripped him to the mud that he will be the next in line!

On their way to the castle Filian asks Caerian whether there is a Demorthèn mystery that could achieve the effect described by Blythe, but Caerian negates that.

At the castle, before the group can meet with the duke, a Demorthèn Caerian recognizes from the towns sacred grove passes by and in his eyes can be seen astonishment as he gazes at Blythe.

The duke receives the group in a clandestine side room of the castle. After Blythe recounts his story to the duke, Caerian suggests that he should be kept safeguarded by the dukes most trusted guards. He wants to find a way to restore the suppressed memory of the potter and fears that his life could be in danger when word gets out that someone witnessed who caused the riot. Caerian mentions that the people at the prison, the guards and the Demorthèn at the palace saw the party entering the palace with the potter. The duke agrees to Caerians request and sees to his most trusted men to carry out the order. However, he wants to hear more from Caerian in the matter.

The moment Caerian is about to tell the duke that there is no Demorthèn mystery that can alter the mind of a person or manipulate its feelings, he realizes that this very power could have been the doing of a morcail – a corrupted Demorthèn that has wandered astray of the traditional ways of keeping balance, the natural cycles and the cult of the spirits. Shaken, Caerian shares his fears with the others and urges the duke to allow him to request the help of a Demorthèn more experienced in the matters of such traitors. This should be accomplished by sending a trusted Varigal to the highest circle of the Demorthèn with an encoded message. Caerian also asks the duke to provide the party with a written document that states that they act on behalf of him. Instead of that the duke gives Caerian a pendant with the ducal insignia, saying that this should suffice as a means to convince others of the legitimacy of their investigations.
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