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My notes and Details:
-if you already have Amazon Prime, then Twitch Prime is included for free! You just need to create a Twitch account, and link them (see instructions in the link)

-IIRC, Amazon Prime should have a free trial membership period
-if not, then you can just pay for one month's worth, just to get this
However, the other 2 offers will only be available in April and May respectively, so you'll likely have to do multiple months in order to be eligible to claim all 3
-Amazon Prime membership fees are in the link. This is much more costly than just Twitch Prime, but also includes their usual perks (free + 2-day shipping, music/movie/TV streaming, and some others)

-Alternatively, you can just see if there's a trial for Twitch Prime
-if not, sign up for how every many month's you'd like (taking into account any overlaps of when they become available, and which specific offers you'd like to get in on)
-Twitch Prime is some paid, "premium" version of Twitch
I'll have to figure out what to do with this now that I've been cajoled into signing up for this

-brief explanations of the stuff:
•Abathur Co-op Commander ($5 a la carte)
The actual character you can use in the game

The rest them are cosmetic...
•Abathur Announcer ($5 a la carte)
The in-game voices and announcements (e.g. "build more supply depots", "upgrade complete", "need more minerals"), done in that voice actor's voice

Furthermore, AFAIK, these are exclusives (unless Blizzard has plans to make these available separately later on)...
•[NEW] Evolved Zerg Console Skin
when you play the game, the unit portraits, info panel, list of actions/buttons, while appear in his of Zerg (vs. the standard ones for Terra, Zerg, and Protoss)
•[NEW] "Live Now" Zerg Banner
What you see under your username profile, while a game is loading up
•[NEW] “Live Now” Portrait Bundle
Not sure... this is either when your screen is on your "town hall", and you see that "thing", "floating next to it", or the portrait in the console, or both?

Any bullet point that's been omitted is covered above
Both cosmetic as well
•[NEW] "Live Now" Emoticon & Spray Packs
Emoticons are just like you see on these forums (and other message boards. For example ), but these are for exclusive use in in Blizzard's in-app, Battle.Net messaging system. (Dunno if the Sc2 ones can used in Overwatch, or each game has their own)

Individual items from the Spray packs activated in-game. Select an individual worker, pick the Spray option, and target a part of the map. The game's version of "graffiti"

Still cosmetic as well
•[NEW] "Live Now" Protoss & Random Banners
There are 3 races in typical Sc2 games, but there's technically a 4th option, which is "Random". Don't know if that applies to Coop (it's different since that mode currently has 16 commanders)
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