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Chris Hanratty
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With Chris stil away, we cover a rather varied trio of games this week. Pawel has been playing his cards right in hard to define RTS-themed card game Prismata; obsessing over the texture of Diablo-clone Warhammer: Chaosbane; and Dave has been getting to grips with simian smash and grab Ape Out. To close, the lads have a bit of a discussion about choosing the gender of your video game character. Also, Chris pops in unexpectedly to help finish the episode.

Prismata (5:13)
Warhammer: Chaosbane (20:10)
Ape Out (38:05)
VG chat: Choosing the gender of your video game character (48:40)

This episode hosted by David McCreary, Euan Glasgow, and Pawel Daruk
Music by the hosts, with Jokin Etxeberria
This episode recorded and produced by David McCreary
Logo by Rebecca Horner

This Episode can be listened to and downloaded on Soundcloud by clicking here, and you can also find us on Apple Podcasts and subscribe using your podcasting gadgets!

The Large and Unnecessary First Player Token Podcast is hosted by Chris, Euan, Pawel and Dave, and alternates between tabletop and video gaming, old and new, on a weekly basis. We chat about the games we've been playing, and our own experiences with them, with our own uniquely Scottish (and Polish) flavour of insight and odd humour.

We are part of Podnose, a network of podcasts covering a wide variety of topics. Check it out!

NOTE: There may be very occasional swearing in the podcast, with some episodes being worse than others (particularly our older ones - we're maturing with age), so keep it out of reach of your boss and children.

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