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Subject: VGG Geek of the Week #214 - Robert McLaughlin (Gerdion) rss

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Robert McLaughlin
United States
West Jordan
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Tasty Bacon! Crispy Bacon! I'd get it myself but I don't have THUMBS
WHERE IS IT!? Where's the BACON??
d10-1 What is your favourite colour when playing a boardgame?
Blue, when available. Otherwise green or purple.

d10-2 Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?
Spring. Not too hot, not too cold and everything is blooming and growing. If we could just keep everything a nice 72-76 degrees with mostly sunny skies and occasionally rain showers that would be great.

d10-3 Do you play an instrument? If yes, which one and for how long already?
I play no instrument. I like music, it doesn't like me so much. Last time I touched one was back in elementary school with a recorder. Didn't take to it.

d10-4 Having fun?
In general or with gaming? Life in general ain't much fun these days, but I tolerate it. As for gaming, yes I'm having fun. I have less time to play due to some responsibilities but I relish the time when I have it.

d10-5 What would have been your name if it wasn't the name you have?
Probably Richard. People tell me I'm a Richard/Richie looking guy. Whatever that means. ninja

d10-6 What is your favourite snack?
Anything loaded with sour flavors. Typically this means gummie snacks of some kind (hardly healthy I know) but somtimes a lime or lemon cut into wedges is just nice as well especially with something salty to pair it with like mixed nuts.

d10-7 What is your favourite day of the week?
Saturday. All the benefits of the weekend and people are still open to do stuff.

d10-8 What is your favourite time of day?
Late Evening - wee hours of the morning. Nobody is awake and it is perfectly silent. I'm a night owl and I could do everything at this time if nobody stopped me.

d10-9 What character would you be in a Star Trek setting?
Tough one. I'm not ambitious, so I wouldn't be in any position of influence. I'm not gung-ho or in shape so I doubt I would be in Starfleet or any of the other alien equivalents. I'm not interesting. I'd probably be one of the clueless background aliens/humans on the various planets that get visited. "Wots all this then?"

d10-1d10-0 What makes you "tick" (inspires you, why do you get up in the morning)?
My wife and son motivates me every day. Despite all our daily struggles they both make every moment worth it - even though I need to escape them sometimes.

d10-1d10-1 What is your life-long dream?
Travel. I don't travel much in the USA as I don't have the time or money. Given unlimited amounts of each though I would want to visit the sights in each state as well as visit Europe and Japan. Would be nice. Maybe one day.

d10-1d10-2 What is your favourite RPG race/class?
I'm not too schooled in D&D so I'll go with what RPG I am somewhat (barely) familiar with. Rigger. Gimme a Rigger of any race and unleash the drones! Fly my pretties!

d10-1d10-3 If you could go back in time - where and when would you go?
Probably the sixties and seventies. That was a very interesting time with it still being modern enough that we could avoid the unpleasant deaths and diseases of our past.

d10-1d10-4 Could you enlighten us about your avatar?
I like dogs. My most commonly used username is Kibblesnbacon, an obvious reference to the dog food Kibbles n bits. So I get a dog to go with that. I've used other dog images, but this one is most amusing. So I go with this. Current image 'shopped for additional humor. May change it back soon.

d10-1d10-5 Where does your username come from?
Gerdion was a character for a story I wanted to write in high school. Never got very far in college and I went the Computer Science route. Never got good at writing (as is plain to see). So it is a call back to old memories.
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Robert McLaughlin
United States
West Jordan
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Tasty Bacon! Crispy Bacon! I'd get it myself but I don't have THUMBS
WHERE IS IT!? Where's the BACON??
Okay, for those who chose Rocket League you guys are correct! Treat yourselves to a cookie - you know who you are!
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