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Subject: Idlers And dungeons - Incremental idle rpg rss

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indie citizen
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new user

First of all, sorry for my english, it's not my language.
I love grindquest, and I contacted adam rump the creator of grindquest to allow me to create an evolved version of his game.
the system of idlers and dungeons is thus based on grindquest to some close variants.

I am an artist and I always distribute my games for free in flash format and if you like the game , considere to buy the android version.
If my sales of idlers and dungeons were to rise, I will probably implement a forge or I will do a sequel.
can be under unity.

Idlers And Dungeons is an idle adventure game in which you have to automatically hunt monsters to earn experience and gold.
Choose one from several available classes; each has a different set of skills.
The game features realistic animated dungeons.
You can do various quests in each dungeon to earn rewards.
Spend talent point to learn a new skill after you level up; you can always reset these skills by purchasing a talent reset from the shop. Don't forget to sell your loot and unused items to earn more gold.
Once your level is high enough, you can travel to another location to hunt stronger enemies with more rewards.

Good luck conquering the dungeons!
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Stefan Lopuszanski
United States
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So hear me roar! RAWR! (Or ask me about it)
Her Serenity, The Lady of Pain.
You have playback on your YouTube video disabled.

I've been recently playing a lot of older idle / clicker games for some research I'm doing. Just finished "Crank" which was pretty good. Also, the originals of Candy Box / Candy Box 2, Cookie Clicker, A Dark Room, and others.

Haven't played your game yet, but does it have a definitive beginning, middle, and end? I'm not a huge fan of clicker/idle games that go on forever (see AdVenture Capitalist).
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Seth Brown
United States
North Adams
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Link just gives me an error.

You say it's playable free in flash format -- is it up on any free flash game sites like Kongregate? That would give people an easy way to access it -- and then support you through that site if they like the game.
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