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VanillaCokeMule wrote:
MeteorBear wrote:
VanillaCokeMule wrote:
Eh, it feels like there will be another crash, especially now that PC clients are starting to get the console style exclusivity competitions. The industry needs it to help them remember that this is a vastly different art form that has, historically, had its success dictated by the consumers more than any other industry out there. Someone here mentioned how badly Microsoft flubbed their E3 presentation where they revealed the XB1, and they changed nearly all of it thanks to what could effectively be labeled as weaponized gamer outrage. EA's Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was nearly stillborn thanks to their obvious attempts at money grubbing and, in addition to hurting the game's sales, caused Disney to essentially take the license back and reopen LucasArts. The games industry is trying really hard to become the TV industry but it's gonna hurt itself in the long run. At any rate, I'm continue to keep giving small indie devs my money and snipe the occasional AAA title.

You mention when XB1 tried coming out with esentially all digital purchases for thier new system. American corporations would love it but Japan is going to be a major road block. Japan is the nerdiest, collectiest society on the planet, its hard to imagine them moving away from physical media. The fact Xbox had to do a complete 180 because of Japan shows how greedy of an idea it was to begin with.
Ironically PS4 saw the cancellation of free PSN, something that went under the radar because of the sketchy money grab Xbox tried to pull. Gamers were so desperate to not get screwed out of game ownership they praised Sony instead of being rightly concerned that Sony was offering less than previous generations. Sony must have been like, 'thank you Microsoft, people are praising us for giving them less!'

Our integrity as consumers is just as much at fault as any game companies greed.

You're absolutely right and I certainly wasn't trying to say that Sony was blameless, but Microsoft is a much more well known, egregious example of my points.

Sorry, it was not a criticism, I only wished to add to your point. Sometimes I start and dont know where the word puke will stop lol.
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J Zoshak
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Rindis wrote:
However, there's always the worry of 'what if they get bought?' Most problems with platforms like this happen after a change in ownership.

Bought, hell, if Gaben took Valve /public/ I'd be out of there fast as.
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James Lowry
United States
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That would constitute a change in ownership.... shake
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