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I generally prefer arcade. Another assumption (besides "it depends"), is how extreme we're comparing. In this case, STILL arcade, as I prefer the "fantasy" and simplicity of that to "real world".

My "depends" comes into play where there are of course exceptions (though I can't think of any for the time being).

I'm also not sure how far we're going to take it with "simulation". For example, Virtua Fighter is supposed to be "the realest deal it could get", citing "there are no projectiles nor subhuman moves. All the fighting styles are as true to their actual forms". However, it still has some "floaty physics". :|

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paralipsis wrote:
To me that's like asking whether I like pizza or ice cream. I really like both, but sometimes I'm more in the mood for one than the other.
That's the trouble with Which do you like better? questions. For many people, the answer is always, "It depends."

Sometimes the questioner gets past that by forcing a choice: e.g., If you could only play one or the other, which would you choose?

Here, Gabe asks two questions, but only one gets answered.

But some of us are so verbose we'll say something more no matter what the question is or how it's phrased.
I feel like that's a prejudice based on the notion that a binary answer has more value than a scalar one. If you asked someone who enjoys intimacy with both men and women, would you ask them which they preferred most and then label them as homosexual or heterosexual according to their response?
Well, we had one board gamer have this sort of attitude. Nothing wrong with it per se, but the problem is.. it's a worker placement game. We get you'd like to do 4 different things NOW, but you can only pick one of them, so.. go ahead and take your turn
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