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Zaalbar (pronounced /'zɑlbɑɹ/), also nicknamed "Big Z", was a male Wookiee who aided the former Sith Lord Revan in his quest throughout the galaxy to find and destroy the Star Forge superweapon . Originating from the Mid Rim Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, Zaalbar was the son of Wookiee Chieftain Freyyr, but had been exiled from his homeworld. Zaalbar was considered in Wookiee culture to be a madclaw, a title of dishonor, as he had attacked his brother Chuundar with his climbing claws, violating a Wookiee code of conduct. Despite his brother's deals with slavers, which had led to their fight, Zaalbar's father did not believe his accusations against Chuundar. Leaving Kashyyyk, Zaalbar traveled to the planet Taris where he encountered and befriended the Twi'lek orphan Mission Vao. Zaalbar and Vao traveled everywhere on Taris together. The two protected one another in the absence of any other companions and a close bond was forged between them. Also, the duo affiliated themselves with the Lower City gang known as the Hidden Beks.
When the amnesiac Revan traveled to the planet alongside Republic soldier Carth Onasi and began a search for the Jedi Knight Bastila Shan, whom they needed to find to aid the Republic war effort against the Sith Empire, they encountered Vao and Zaalbar. After Zaalbar was captured by Gamorrean slavers and held prisoner in the sewers of the Undercity, Vao turned to Revan and his companions for help in rescuing the Wookiee. With their combined abilities, Revan and his party were able to do so. Escaping Taris with Revan and his companions after the orbital bombardment of the planet that resulted in the destruction of Taris, Zaalbar agreed to travel around the galaxy with Revan and his companions to search for the ancient Star Map artifacts which would lead them to the Star Forge. As one of the Star Maps was located on Kashyyyk, Zaalbar returned to his homeworld with Revan in search of it. With Revan's help he cleared his name and liberated his homeworld from the slaving operations of the pan-galactic Czerka Corporation. He parted ways with Revan after the defeat and death of Sith Lord Darth Malak.

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