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Jolee Bindo
Jolee Bindo
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After spending a year in the home of his good friend Sunry, Jolee took to wandering the stars. He drifted for years, keeping employed when necessary. For a time he even took up smuggling, and he was not above using a Jedi mind trick to get past customs.[1]
Eventually he crashed on Kashyyyk, and remained exploring the Shadowlands for the next twenty years. At first, the Wookiees believed him to be a benevolent forest spirit, calling him "the hairless one", and so left gifts and fruits outside of his dwelling, until the old hermit explained the truth to them, albeit with some embarrassment, as he was knocked out cold by Freyyr, who wanted to see if the spirit was solid. Still, Jolee remained a friend of the Wookiees, helping them protect the Shadowlands and its wildlife from poachers. He often wandered through the forest, ready to defend himself from predators, sentient or not, with his lightsaber.

Late during his wandering, he discovered an ancient computer guarding a Star Map, and ended up making 152 attempts to communicate with it; however, the computer had been secretly reprogrammed by Revan, during his first trip to Kashyyyk with Darth Malak, to respond to nobody but himself.When Revan passed through the Shadowlands a second time, once more seeking Star Maps, he encountered Jolee, who was fighting off a pack of Katarns. Jolee attached himself to the party, partly out of boredom and partly to face his own past. He was one of the few members of the party to know Revan's true identity all along, although he decided it was not his place to say. As he traveled with Revan, he was often reminded of an old friend, Nomi Sunrider, whom he had known during his time as a Jedi.
At one point, Revan questioned Jolee as to why the old man had accompanied him. Jolee responded by relating the story of a man who followed a snake, only to be bitten and killed by it. When questioned about his motives by the snake, the man replied that he had been leading the snake away from his village. Revan could only puzzle over what his role in relation to the story was.

Jolee's professed neutrality, already belied by joining Revan, was rendered further questionable when Revan landed on Rakata Prime, the home planet of the Rakata. When the Rakatan priest caste allowed Revan into the Temple of the Ancients to disable the Star Forge's disruptor field, they insisted on him going into the temple alone.

Jolee, however, persuaded the priests to allow him and fellow Jedi Juhani to accompany Revan. Their persuasion turned out to be a useful measure: Jolee and Juhani were able to strengthen Revan's resolve to not be seduced by the dark side again - this time by Bastila Shan.

Jolee remained with Revan until the end, and along with Revan's other companions, was honored at the Republic's celebration of their victory over Darth Malak.

Bindo dropped out of the public eye by the end of the Dark Wars, but several articles of clothing believed to have once belonged to him were in circulation at that time.

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