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Keats is the author of Unknown Realms an increasingly unpopular occult magazine. Despite his interest in the supernatural he believes modern science with strip the earth of its secrets.

He receives many prank phone calls but decides to look into one from a woman in the village Doolin that sounded legit. The lady had said "The fairies......there going go KILL ME!" and on his arrival to Doolin meets Ellen, finds the woman who had called dead, and discovers a dark history in the town where the 'living could meet the dead'. He becomes Ellen's guardian and enters the netherworld out of curiosity and as an opportunity to save his magazine.

He is looked up to by Herve who enjoyed the Unknown Realms magazine and is more willing to speak freely to him. Keats eventually discovers that he is not part of the real world but part of the netherworld and himself a half life. He was created by Ellen in the image of Herve.

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