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Modryn Oreyn
Modryn Oreyn
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Modryn Oreyn is a dunmer knight and champion of the Fighters Guild. He is located in Chorrol and acts as Vilena Donton's second in command. He is openly credited by the locals with holding the guild together after Vilena's breakdown over the death of her son and thus suffering leadership.

Modryn is hostile and harsh torwards new members, possibly due to many members incompetance such as Maglir who consistantly defaults on contracts. He is extreamly loyal and dedicated to the guild and has a strong hatred for the Blackwood Company knowing they are reckless, dishonest, and possibley harbouring some 'dirty' secret' to there success.

One of Modryn Oreyn's passions is painting and a comicle painting he is often seen working on in his house depicts him torturing the argonian from an earlier quest.

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