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Mariko Tanaka
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In Wing Commander I, she was introduced to Christopher Blair. Her pilot call sign was Spirit. Spirit was transferred to the TCS Tiger's Claw and was a wingman under Blair in several missions. Spirit was a distinguished fighter pilot; her superior flying skills were top-notch.
Spirit remains a soft-spoken, philosophical and friendly pilot, lending a sympathetic ear or some words of advice and encouragement. She would later fall in love and become engaged to a man named Philip, who was enlisted in the Confederation Medical Corps. Unfortunately he became a prisoner of war, and Spirit grew angry and vengeful of the Kilrathi at first, before fantasizing of being a commando and saving Philip. After many years, nothing was ever found about Spirit's missing fiancé and was thought to be dead. This left Spirit to better herself as a pilot and fantasize about being a commando to save her beloved.

Source: Wikipedia, "List of Wing Commander characters", available under the CC-BY-SA License.

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